December 16, 2017  (War Day and Holiday Social)

Dauset Trails Nature Center - Picnic Pavilion 2 

360 Mt. Vernon Rd.
Jackson, GA  30233 

Holiday Social Afterparty - Casa d'Evil
Private Residence  (please PM Fer or Rick on Facebook Messenger for the address)
Jonesboro, GA  (near the Clayton County International Park)

Event Details

Pre-Registration Form
Please fill this out so that we may have a head count of our PCs, NPCs, and Tavern info.

Event Pricing 
1-Day Event (At the Door Price) = $20.00  /  (Pre-Registration) = $15.00  /  New Player = $10.00

Monster Shift Sign Up 
Regular Monster Shifts are NOT required.  Any player who volunteers to NPC for the War Day will receive their full blanket of 10 EXP in leiu of Kickits.

Cabin Sign Up 
No Cabin assignments will be necessary, as this is a War Day Event. 

Crash space will be available at Casa d'Evil for Friday and/or Saturday nights as needed.
(Please note: we have 4 cats and a large dog, so if you have allergies, please bring your meds and be aware of any potential health issues.)

Park Gates open @ 9 am.
Check-in begins @ 9:30 am at Picnic Pavilion 2.

Opening Ceremonies @ 10:30am also at the parking area.
Game on @ 11am.
Game Off @ 4 pm.
Off site by park close @ 5 pm.

Holiday Social Afterparty at Casa d'Evil immediately to follow!
  Anyone wishing to follow us home may do so!

The After Party Holiday Social will officially begin around 6 pm for anyone not following us home directly from the War Day.  If you cannot make the full event due to work, we would still LOVE to see you for the social in the evening if you are able to make it out!  For those wishing to continue in character, we will have light roleplay at the social.  We have seating available indoors, as well as a back deck that will seat 4 to 6 comfortably around the fire pit, 2 sky chairs out back, and a large yard with additional outdoor seating as weather permits.

We will provide a holiday brown sugar/pineapple ham and soft drinks.  Party is BYOB but we will have some stuff available for sharing, as well as likely some snacky items. If you intend to make the after party, please bring a side dish, dessert, appetizer, or snack item to share if you can. There are several grocery stores nearby if you wish to pick up something on the way, or you are welcome to use our kitchen and/or additional crock pots to prepare or reheat food dishes. If you swing by early (before 8am) or crash here on Friday night, you are welcome to stash stuff in our fridge during the War Day portion. Dinner will be served ASAP once everyone has a chance to warm up their sides and such!

Event Site Details:
We encourage you to arrive early so that you can enjoy the rest of the Dauset Trails Nature Center before you check in.  Gates are open from 9am - 5pm, and there is TONS of stuff to see, including the animal exhibits, a fully working farm, the nature center and reptile room, hiking trails, gardens, the lily pond, etc!  Check out their full website below to download the site map and get more details.  This place is seriously amazing y'all.  Donations to the park are accepted at the Gift Shop in the Visitor's Center if you wish to support them directly.

This is a privately owned site, and we have secured permission to use their camping area (details in second link below) for next season.  Picnic Pavilion 2 and Chapel are included with the campground rental.  The rental fee also includes the tent spots, 3 turkey roost covered camping areas, a full bathroom with outdoor shower, and a PRIVATE beach with swimming area and canoes during warm weather.

We will have the run of the whole area for day-use at the December War-Day, and we will be able to book the site for future campovers next season going forward, which means a BEACH EVENT next spring/summer!!!


Daucet Trails Nature Center - Picnic Pavilion 2 

360 Mt. Vernon Rd.
Jackson, GA  30233 

Nature Center Park Link:

Once inside the main gate, stay to your right. You will pass the Nature Center, Pavilion 1, and the Barnyard. The road will turn from pavement to gravel near the Barnyard. Follow the gravel road through the back gate and around behind the animal trail and across the lake to Pavilion 2. There is a parking area at Pavilion 2.

Map and Directions