Dark Passages LARP Annual Subscription        (AS 1-12)

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-  A Dark Passages LARP Annual Subscription costs $150 total (normally $300 in full season years), and is payable in 12 monthly payments of $12.50 each (normally $25 in full season years).  This will give players the option of paying a reasonable monthly fee instead of a larger lump sum or at the door payment.

-  Annual Subscriptions may be purchased any time, and will run for 12 consecutive months.  This means that you will need to renew your Annual Subscription in the same month or risk a lapse in coverage.  It is YOUR responsibility to keep up with which month your renewal falls due and to resign at the appropriate time.  PayPal will only run 12 consecutive payments at a time with the current parameters.

-  An Active Annual Subscription is valid for any and all events between the purchase date and that date the following year, so please plan your first payment date accordingly.  If you choose the Installment Option for regular monthly payments, please be aware that PayPal will draft your payment each month on the day of the month that you make the first Subscription payment.  Thus, if you wish your payments to come out on the 15th of the month, make your first payment on that day.  The first payment will be processed at the time / day that you initially sign up for your Annual Subscription.  PayPal does not currently have an option to post-date a Subscription plan payment.  If that feature becomes available we will update the terms and conditions appropriately.

-  If your Subscription is in Active on the date of an event, that event will be included.

-  If a payment fails to go through, your Annual Subscription will be Cancelled and shall become Inactive effective immediately.  It is your responsibility to ensure that the funds are available on your due date each month.

-  If your Annual Subscription is Cancelled due to a declined payment, you may resign before the next event in order to place yourself back into Active status, or you may Pay As You Go for any upcoming events until you are able to resign or arrange for an alternate event payment option.  Please be aware, signing up for a new Annual Subscription will RESET your number of payments back to 12 consecutive monthly payments, beginning on the new date, and that will become your NEW renewal month going forward.  PayPal should give you the option to move or cancel your subscription payments if needed, but you will have to log in to your own PayPal account in order to do so.  That is not something that our staff members have access to.

-  If you must cease your Annual Subscription option for any reason, it is YOUR responsibility to see that your Annual Subscription is properly terminated through your personal PayPal account before the date of your next scheduled payment.  This will be treated as a cold-turkey termination of your Annual Subscription, and no refunds for paid months shall be given.  PayPal should give you the option to do this directly from your personal account, however please be sure to contact us as well to let us know that you have stopped your Subscription option and why.  We will then update our Logistics records and Check-In documents appropriately.

-  An Annual Subscription will include all three-day events planned for the dates in which your Subscription is Active and in Good Standing, as well as any additional events, four-days, one-days, campover events, etc. that may be added during that time frame in as we progress through the season.

-  This does NOT include Convention Badges.  Admission to any and all Conventions is still the responsibility of those attending to purchase your badges separately from the various Conventions directly.  Any of our own private Dark Passages convention event entry fees will be included though.

-  Convention games WILL count as full events for the sake of the EXP and DTA perks listed below.

-  Likewise, this does NOT include any non-game event Social Outings that may be planned, which may require personal admission prices (tubing, hayrides, photo shoots, etc.).

-  Missed events will NOT roll forward to your next Subscription period.

-  Annual Subscriptions are NOT transferable.

Perks of a Dark Passages LARP 2015 Annual Subscription:

-  If you miss an event, you may purchase up to 10 EXP with Kickits (instead of the usual 3 per down month) in order to reach your full blanket amount for that event month as if you had attended the event.

-  If you miss an event, you will be permitted to use your regular downtime actions (3 + any regular skill bonuses).  This means that you will NOT have to purchase them with Kickits for a down month, and will thusly not be limited to the normal flat 3 DTA’s for a down month.  Likewise, you may still purchase a 4th DTA with Kickits as if you had attended the event.

-  You will receive Second Choice of Cabin Assignments and Monster / Tavern Volunteer Shifts.

-  You will receive your Downtime Responses before the event, by midnight on the Sunday prior.