Dark Passages LARP 2018 Season Pass        (2018 SP)

-  A Dark Passages LARP 2018 Season Pass is payable in one lump sum of $150.00 (regularly $300 for full season years) at any time before midnight on Friday 3-31-18, at which point this payment option will be removed from the website, leaving only the Annual Subscription or Single Event Pay-As-You-Go options available. We have cut the price in half this year, due to the short season.

-  A 2018 Season Pass is valid for any and all events between January 1, 2018 and December  31, 2018.

-  This does NOT include Convention Badges.  Admission to any and all Conventions is still the responsibility of those attending to purchase your badges separately from the various Conventions directly.  Any of our own private Dark Passages convention event entry fees will be included though.

-  Convention games will count as full events for the sake of the EXP and DTA perks listed below.

-  Likewise, this does NOT include any non-game event Social Outings that may be planned, which may require personal admission prices (tubing, hayrides, photo shoots, etc.).

-  Missed events will NOT roll forward to the next season.

-  Season Passes are NOT transferable.

Perks of a Dark Passages LARP Season Pass:

-  If you miss an event, you will still receive your blanket of 10 experience points as if you had attended the event.

-  If you miss an event, you will be permitted to use your regular downtime actions (3 + any regular skill bonuses).  This means that you will NOT have to purchase them with Kickits for a down month, and will thusly not be limited to the normal flat 3 DTA’s for a down month.  Likewise, you may still purchase a 4th DTA with Kickits as if you had attended the event.

-  You will receive First Choice of Cabin Assignments and Monster / Tavern Volunteer Shifts.

-  You will receive your Downtime Responses before the event, usually by midnight on the Sunday prior.