July 21-23, 2017 - 3 Day Social Event

Casa Brandon
Dayton, TN
(private site - please message us directly for address details)


The In-Play Loation is once again set on Isola D'Bramman, in the still-under-construction Capital City of Veroi. The city is taking shape nicely, with a central square and Inn/Tavern already in place, and a rather extensive layout planned, as evidenced by the surveyors' markings and various structural foundations currently being laid down.  The island too is still growing as the active volcano spews forth fresh materials, which are being shaped and sculpted by members of town and the Fire Temple Priesthood. 


Event Pricing: Because this is a mostly social event w/ full content on Saturday, we are pricing it the same as a 1-Day event.That means $20 at the door or $15 prepaid ($10 for new players). See prepay link below - scroll down to the second from the bottom for 1-day pricing.



Tavern Tabs will be available per the usual policy, or you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks if desired. Due to the social nature of the event and the private location, alcohol WILL be permitted AFTER 9pm both nights, once all combat active modules have ceased.
Please BYOB if you have a specific preference. There will be a some available for sharing.


Game On/Off and Monster/Tavern shift times have CHANGED for this event, due to the format. I will post those links in the comments section below.

Inside of the house and basement are STRICTLY NON-COMBAT areas. If you wish to spar or engage a hostile NPC please take it outside.

Opening Ceremonies = Friday at 9:30pm

Game On = Friday at 10pm, soft roleplay is welcomed immediately upon arrival and/or donning of costume/make-up. Costuming and make-up elements WILL be required due to this being a full content event weekend.

Game Off = Sunday at 12pm, please be off site by 3pm unless you have previously made other arrangements with Bo and Steph to stay later.

Both days breakfast will be ready for consumption by 9am. Due to limited daylight, we plan to begin content at 10am in the outside areas, so please plan accordingly or you will miss something. We will break from content for lunch from 2pm to 3pm and end content around 7pm for Feast. Outdoor content will be run in the areas surrounding the house, as well as down by the barn, riding ring, and side pasture (NOT the main horse pasture, so we should not have to watch for meadow muffins where we will be running).

For modules and encounters down in the barn/field/ring areas, we will be ferrying people next door via carpool vehicle(s) for those who cannot or don't want to walk down the steep hill. Please be sure to use the restroom before getting into the vehicle, as there are no bathroom facilities at the bottom of the hill.

As such, ALL Monster and Tavern shifts are strictly voluntary this time, and Kickits will be awarded accordingly. We reserve the right to pull people as needed to assist on a volunteer basis throughout the weekend.