Username: First Last

Forum Rules

Please register your username as your Out Of Play FirstLast.

Once a member, you may then format your name to your Out of Play nickname (Joshua -> Josh) or simply “First Last.”  Go to “Profile,” select “edit Profile,” then the “Personal” tab, and adjust your display name.

All players will be given access to the Out of Play boards, Skyfall, and Guild Halls.  Players will also be given to the Culture boards of their Primary and Alternate characters.  Primary characters will then only post to their In-Play culture board.  Players with Alternate Characters should only post in that particular character’s culture board, and sign their posts with that Alternate character’s name.  Misconduct and abuse of this multi-board access will result in revoking that particular user’s permission to access their Alternate Character’s culture board.

We try to maintain our standards to that of a PG-13 rated movie, thus, we want all members to try to follow these general rules.  So we please ask that on Forums you keep a relatively clean atmosphere.

• Keep your content to PG-13 rated content

• Excessive racial jokes and statements impact our community, so please refrain from this.


The Order of Operations of Scolding

• Depending on users rank, there will be various 'punishments' to keep rules and regulations in order. By no means are we a strict LARP or trying to be mean, however we want to make this game as enjoyable as possible with all players. The following is our list of "Down the Yellow Brick Road to Being Banned"

1. First Offense : First Warning by Plot, Staff, or Moderator via PM on Forums

2. Second Offense : Second Warning by a Plot, Staff, or Moderator via PM on Forums

3. Third Offense : You will be demoted accordingly by a Staff meeting - Where your chat privileges will be blocked on the forums

4. Anything After the Third Offense usually incurs a Staff Meeting to discuss the behavior of said member who is violating Dark Passages rules. This can range anywhere from being demoted to a rank where you will not be able to post but you will have reading permissions or ultimately getting banned on the forums.


Any form of:

• Hacking the Dark Passages Website or Forums

• BotNet Attacks

Will be reported to law enforcement - as this is a form of virtual vandalism and virtual property damage in addition to disrupting service.


I understand this sounds harsh, but this does need to be said on majority of forums for prevention. Thank you for understanding.