Capital City: el Cielo del Ysari
Relative World Location: nomadic

Current Ruler / Title: Papa Yosef Gimbernard
Type of Government: Familial Patriarchy/Matriarchy
Military Structure: none

Guild Associations/Headquarters: Athletes, Thieves
Cultural Advantage: Reduced cost buy-in to Athletes or Thieves Guild (player's choice), half cost buy-in to Blade Dancer martial school
Association/Affinity: dream, hope, memory, cunning

Ancient Memory

Rhukichiin characters also take the Disadvantage: Ancient Memory.  This is a Rhukichiin-only mechanic that, for in play purposes, involves the character going into a trance and reciting a pre-scripted plot device.  These notes will be handed out at various times throughout an event, sometimes before the event with a set trigger listed, and sometimes individually as needed to provide clues, prophecies, portents, etc that are useful to the players. 


The tag line is "Voice Effect, Mesmerize, Invoking Ancient Memory" then read the note aloud.  After reading the note, the character is momentarily stunned, then proceeds as normal with the previous activity or sentence as if unaware that they just revealed a prophecy.  This should be roleplayed as staring blankly into space without focus for a moment before and after reciting the passage.  The in-play mechanic is that the Oracle is speaking through you to relay an important message, thus it is crucial that people nearby pay attention.  After reading the note it should be handed back to a plot member immediately.

Rhukichiin Curse

One unique thing that the Rhukichiin people are known for is the Curse. While not every Rhukichiin has been taught the weaving of Curses, the fact that several of them have is enough to make people treat them with respect, at least while in their presence. No one wants to end up on the wrong end of a Curse, as they can range from being inconvienient, to deadly. While the Curse is primarily used to seek Justice by teaching a lesson, those that lay an unjust Curse can have it backfire upon them, three-fold. Once laid, there are few ways to remove the Curse, though the first step is usually to beg forgiveness for the wrong-doing that caused the Curse to be laid. The one who laid the Curse can remove it at any time, as can usually their Family head, or the Council of Elders. Only those with the ability to lay the Curse in the first place, know how to remove them.

Topography and Traditions

As a nomadic culture, the Rhukichiin people have no topography to speak of. Their capital city, el Cielo del Ysari, is also known as the City of Light, or the City of Tents. The Rhukichiin traditionally travel in familia caravans, with great wagons pulled by Gypsy Vanner horses. When they stop for a time, they erect entire cities of brightly colored tents. The caravan normally sets up just outside of a major city, providing the local denizens with food, drink, and entertainment for the duration of their stay.

Their carnivals and shows present a cavalcade of entertainment not normally seen throughout Othonia, with circus acts, acrobats, and fortune tellers alike. Due to their reputation as wise wanderers, most cities welcome them with open arms. There are many, however, who eye them distrustfully from afar, but no one dares to call them thieves and liars to their faces, lest a Curse befall them. A Rhukichiin's word is his honor, to question him when he gives his word is to call him a liar. As one can imagine, it is not often that a Rhukichii gives his word, for they take their honor very seriously.

In the public eye, the most commonly known Rhukichiin legend is the telling of an Ancient Memory. Tradition holds that in the days of magic, the Oracle could possess and speak through Her people, warning them of unseen dangers or helping them to master quests and tasks important to the greater good of Othonia. To interrupt an Ancient Memory was once akin to the highest blasphemy that once could visit upon a Rhukichiin, for one was also paying the Oracle great disrespect in turn. The result was a death curse, placed by the Oracle herself, that was so powerful that only the most repentant of souls might survive it. No one has borne witness to an Ancient Memory prophecy since before the collapse of magic, yet the legend is so powerful that tales are still told of the phenomenon even to this very day in every culture.

The other widely recognized tradition of the Rhukichiin people is the wearing of bells and scarves. They believe that bells signify a direct tie to the spirit realm and the spirits of their Ancestors. They will always have bells on their person, and will only silence them in moments where silence is called for. The scarf, or Talith, signifies a person's soul and the connection to one's Familia. Tradition holds that to lose one's Talith is to lose a piece of one's self. It must be regained if intact, or ritually replaced as soon as possible. The Talith can also be used for a number of practical purposes, such as pulling back one's hair, holding up one's trousers, handling hot dishes or pots, drying one's hands, etc. The Talith can also be used to silence one's bells. If one is hiding, sneaking, trying not to wake up one's kin, etc, silencing one's bells is acceptable. Bells are always silenced at funerals, so as not to confuse the spirit you are laying to rest, for it is said that spirits will follow the sound of bells.

Family: Franchezka

Family Head: Mama Bella Franchezka


The Franchezka family are renowned fortune tellers and diviners. They read everything from tarot to stones, and excel at various forms of scrying. Their fortunes and predictions are uncannily accurate, and even several of their prophecies have come to pass. It is said they are tied directly to the Oracle, for they certainly have a knack for telling people what they need to know, not what they wish to know. Often their predictions and advice has nothing to do with the questions asked. Historically, The Oracle of Maerisius has always been chosen from within the Franchezka family.

Family: Gimbernard

Family Head: Papa Yfyrii Gimbernard


The Gimbernards are known as some of the greatest story weavers in all of Othonia. They can weave a masterful tale, seemingly from thin air. Often they will take audience suggestions for characters, setting, etc, just to make those present feel more included. They can be found around the fireside on any given night. Another favorite is the shared story, where they go 'round the circle taking turns with each person making up the next sentence. While they do not generally write things down, their words have often been recorded by others watching the scene unfold.

Family: Mu'ltave'rii

Family Head: Mama Reinata Mu'ltave'rii


The Mu'ltave'rii family have garnered a bad reputation as thieves and brigands, however this is truly not the case. They excel at slight of hand and stage style "magic" tricks, and can fool the eyes to believe something other than what the minds know to be true. They are masters of disguise and masters of illusion, able to blend into a crowd and seem as though they belong. As such, they are generally the leaders of the inappropriately named Thieves Guild, and are the go-to resource for spies and covert ops.

Family: Yfandes

Family Head:  Papa Alberto Yfandes


The Yfandes are world renowned acrobats and circus performers.  Their dramatic and death defying acts have amazed audiences around Othonia for generations.  From the flying trapeze, to the tight rope, to gymnastic stunts, truly their talents are beautiful and mesmerizing to watch.  Wrapped up with a healthy dose of clowns, stage "magic", and trained animals and you've got yourself the Yfandes Circus!  Ultimately, this family more than any other travels in caravans and seldom splits into smaller groups, for obvious reasons.  They also head the Athletes Guild.