Taca: Itzcali (Northwestern Tecuanitzl)

Subcultural Advantage: Half cost to purchase Resilient advantage, Half cost buy-in to the Path of the Unseen Warrior martial school

Ruler: Citlamina
Capital: Chinampas
Notable Cities: none known


The city of Chinampas is the only established city within Itzcali. Elsewhere throughout their territory, there are homesteads and farming communities, but nothing terribly organized. Citlamina rules with and iron fist, ruling over a matriarchal monarchy that treats its men as second class citizens. Her first born daughter, Coaxoch, leads the Warrior Caste, while her younger daughter, Teicuih, rules the Priestess Caste. The warrior women protect their territory and sacred grounds fiercely, and patrol their borders in small parties of well-concealed warrioresses. These women are the sole providers and protectors, leaving the men to work the farms and handle household chores.

The city's center is a floating, mutli-tiered garden, dotted with water gardens and waterfalls, bridges and parks. At its center is their most sacred temple, devoted to Zipactonal, the Avatar of Light and Life. The Priestesses of Zipactonal tend the gardens and cook the public meals and great feasts for the Palace and various gatherings and celebrations. Overall, they are a very warm and kind people, but they are extremely suspicious of outsiders, particularly male outsiders. Most non-Itzcali males who lay eyes on the gardens do so in chains, if they survive crossing the border. There is only one road in or out of the city, though you can be assured that anyone wishing to cross into their territory will be stopped, searched, and questioned at length. The Itzcali rarely venture out of their territory, and generally prefer to be left to their own devices.