Nickname: the Lightbearers
Ancestral Affinity: Light
Ancestral Land: Amari'z
Average Lifespan: 75-100 years

Makeup/Costuming Requirements

Must have a mask, dog nose prosthetic, or makeup to represent dog's nose and/or snout., and a tail. Makeup highlights of your choice (earth tones or markings appropriate to breed) are required.  Dog ears are optional at player's discretion only.

Racial Advantages

Gains the Enhanced Sense of Smell advantage for free.

Racial Disadvantages

Must choose either the Compulsion or Loyalty disadvantage. This should generally be a roleplay-intensive disadvantage. You should choose something that causes you to be territorial or protective, or something that you crave or cannot resist. Some good examples would be a person/item/place that you are sworn to protect (Loyalty), a favorite food that you immediately crave the moment you smell it, or an activity that you just cannot resist (Compulsion).


Pack Mate (Wolf, domestic breed) – Reduced cost buy-in for membership in the Landworkers' Guild.
Storyteller (Fox) - Reduced cost buy-in for membership in the Artisans' Guild.
Spirit Bearer (Jackal) – May receive the Medium Advantage for free.
Trickster (Coyote, Dingo) - Reduced cost buy-in for membership in the Thieves' Guild.


The Kaliska are, perhaps, the most loyal and patriotic race, as a whole. They can be very stubborn, for once they make up their mind, it is virtually impossible to sway their perception. They are regarded as hard workers, faithful friends, and fierce fighters, especially when something they love is threatened. They tend to be very protective, and often territorial, but once they make friends, they are friends for life. In early life, they are generally raised around many siblings and are often schooled with other cubs. Most excel in physical activities and prefer team efforts, but some choose the solitary path. They have a rich oral tradition, and many stories based on the stars and constellations.

They are typically a playful and fun-loving people, with a hearty appetite and thirst for adventure. They are second only to Humans in their love of food, drink, and entertainment, and most have a favorite game or hobby that occupies their every free moment. Later in life, Kaliska tend towards a pack mentality. Most Kaliska prefer to stick close to their dearest friends in times of trial and times of jubilation alike. If you are lucky enough to have a Kaliska call you Packmate, you know they’ll always have your back no matter what.