Nickname: the Shadowcats
Ancestral Affinity: Shadow
Ancestral Land: Ejheria
Average Lifespan: 100-150 years

Makeup/Costuming Requirements

Must have Cat Eye makeup and Whiskers, and a cat's tail. Cat mask, prosthetic, or makeup is required. You can also have a darkened nose or tears, but you may be as elaborate as you like with your costuming and makeup. Ears are optional, and may be done with prosthetics, mask, headband, etc, at player's discretion.

Racial Advantages

Gains the Medium Advantage for free.

Racial Disadvantages

All Miu have a Compulsion for personal cleanliness. If they become covered in dirt, mud, etc, they must roleplay their annoyance and must clean up at the earliest possible opportunity. They also have an instinctive aversion to being fully submerged in water, but take no ill effect from it.


Leader (Lion) - Reduced cost buy-in for membership in the Patricians' Guild.
Scout (Jaguar/Leopard/Cheetah/domestic breed) - Gains the Enhanced Sight advantage for free.
Warrior (Tiger) - Reduced cost buy-in for membership in the Athletes' Guild.
Wise One (Cougar/Panther/Lynx/Bobcat) - Reduced cost buy-in for membership in the Physicians' Guild.


In Ejheria, Miu are known as both the Keepers of the Shadows and the Guardians of the Dead. Their place within Ejheria is to guide and watch over their peoples' spirits, both in life and in death. They specialize in laying spirits to rest, and bringing peace to those left behind. As such, all Miu are born mediums, no matter where they call home. Most Miu have several siblings, but even as cubs or kittens, they tend to be more independent than Kaliska pups. Once they choose to settle down, however, Miu are the most loyal companions a person could ask for. Miu can be found in every nation, and are quick to adapt to new surroundings. Often they become restless, but will generally return home once their wanderings cease. The Shadowcats have a long and proud history, and have made their mark on each culture of Othonia.

Most speak in hushed tones when The Great Deluge is mentioned. In the early days of Ejheria, there was a power struggle. The oldest known Miu encampment lay within a great valley to the north. In the night, the valley flooded, killing men, women, and children alike. Upon investigation, it was found that the aqueduct atop the ridge had been sabotaged. While the Jackals were suspected, it was never proven who committed the act. To this day, the Miu traditionally do not enter the Valley of the Spirits. The first of the pyramids was constructed to lay those drowned souls to rest, and to this day, the Pyramid of Lost Souls is guarded day and night to honor and appease those who lost their life that fateful night. The current Pharaoh, Queen A’nekhamen, is a Miu.