Character Creation

Here is a simple version for our new players.  Please use the Rule Book for the full skill and items list, policy and disclosure.  If you have any questions, please contact our Character Backgrounds Plot member.

Basic Starting CCP: 75 (150 maximum starting PC)

For a making base starting character, you have 75 Character Creation Points (CCP) to spend as you like. You may earn another 30 points by taking disadvantages and another 35 by exchanging Kickits from volunteer opportunities at a rate of 2 Kickits per 1 Character Creation Point (70 Kickits = 35 CCP). Additionally, if you turn in a character background history, you will earn another 5 CCP to spend.   If you also submit the 100 Question Character Background Survey, you will earn another 5 CPP to spend.  Thus, at game start, the max level starting character is 140 CCP without a background history, or 145 CCP with a background history, or 150 CCP with a background history and survey. 

Quick Reference for CCP Expenditures

Race = free
Calling = free
Culture = free
Advantages = various, as indicated
Disadvantages = various, as indicated, up to 30 points
Guild Membership = 10 (max 3 memberships)
Skills = 5/10/20 (max Level 3 at creation)
Martial School Membership (1st school) = 10
Martial Skills (1st school) = 5 EXP each for Level 1
Shields, Armor, and Ranged Weapon Skills = various, as indicated
Magical Affinity, Starting Spell, extra Mana

Note: Starting characters can now begin with a Base Magic Spell, Rituals Level 1, and additional Mana.

Basic Steps

 Details about races, cultures, guilds, martial schools, etc can be found in the following chapters. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for your own make-up, costuming, props, weapons, etc.
  1.  Choose your Race (be sure to notate your Racial Advantage and Disadvantage as appropriate).
  2. Choose your Calling, if you wish to pick one (be sure to notate its Perks as appropriate).
  3. Choose your native Culture (be sure to notate your Cultural Advantage as appropriate).
  4. Pick your name, and think of a basic character concept and background history. This will help you to choose your remaining attributes later on.
  5. Choose Advantages and/or Disadvantages.  These are optional.
  6. Choose your Guild Membership(s) and/or Skills.  These are optional.
  7. Choose your Martial School Membership(s). These are optional.
  8. Choose your Weapon, Armor, and Combat skills.  These are optional.
  9. Starting Equipment.  Each new character receives 20 starting silver to purchase your starting equipment.
  10. Choose your Magic element and starting spell.  If you are unsure, you can always select "Random."
  11. Submit your new character!  Go to “Character Forms” and fill out the Participant Registration, Character Creation, Character Background (optional), and Character Background Survey (optional).


When making your character, please note that many of the Racial and Cultural Advantages are Guild Buy-In discounts, which may be purchased later on with EXP at the same cost. If you do not wish to take them at character creation, or even later on, you are not required to do so. The racial Disadvantages, however, impact everyone of that particular race. The degree to which and manner in which you roleplay these may vary greatly from character to character. Likewise, the perks for Cultures and Callings may be purchased later with EXP or not at all, as you wish.