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Character Background gives you 5 CCP

Write up a Character Background for your new character!  Submit this to us by using the Character Background Form on the Character Forms page and get 5 extra CCP towards your new character.  This can be as detailed or as brief as you would like.  It can be an event from your past, why your character is travelling to the new continent; the format is wide open.   If you are having difficulty coming up with your background, you can always take the survey first to help you along.

Character Background Survey gives you 5 CPP

This is a 100 Question survey about your new character.  You can also use this to help write your character background.  Submit this survey to darkpassagescharacters@gmail.com for an extra 5 CCP towards your new character!

100 Question Character Background
Email this to darkpassagescharacters@gmail.com for 5 CCP towards your new character!
100 Questions CB Survey.docx
Microsoft Word document [13.5 KB]