Martial Schools

Buying into Martial Schools is covered in detail in Chapter 12.

Purchasing initiation into a Martial School costs 10 points for your primary school, which includes for free your first ability.  You can raise your Martial School to Level 5.  Cost for individual Martial Skills 5/10/15/20/25 CCP for levels 1/2/3/4/5 of your primary school. You can only begin the game with Level 1 of your school. In order to be elevated to the next level in any Martial School, one must purchase at least 3 attack maneuvers and 3 defense maneuvers at their current level.

School: 10 CCP (and you receive one skill)
Skills: 5 CCP each (Max 5 defensive and 5 offensive)

In order to use your Martial Skills for a particular school, you must purchase that School’s special weapon(s) with your starting gold.  You do not have to have the Preferred Material type to use your school, but you MUST have the complete weapon (set) to use the school's abilities.

All Martial Skills reset after 10 minutes of rest.  If you DO NOT have the Advantage Ambidexterious, than you CAN NOT call Martial Skills with your off hand.