Combat and Weapon Safety

Here is an abridged version for our new players.  Please check out the Rule Book for the full policy and disclosure.

1:  This is a lightest touch game.  You should only hit people hard enough for them to register the hit, the object is not to beat the tar out of your opponent.  Full force, full strength, or "baseball bat" swings are not permitted, as they can lead to serious injury.

2:  Weapons should only be swung horizontally, parallel to the ground, or at a slight angle.  Never swing a weapon downward vertically from over your head as you are likely to hit someone in the face or groin.

3:  You are permitted one 90º swing per second per weapon in order to attack an opponent.  

4:  Legal target areas are arms, legs, and torso.  Head, hands, feet, and groin are not legal target areas.  Hits in these areas do not count.  The only exception to this is packet-delivered effects, which may hit these areas or a person's clothing or shield and still take effect.  Packets may not be aimed at these targets under any circumstances.

5:  You should never come into physical contact with another player during combat. 

6:  Charging is not allowed in combat situations.  Charging is defined as running full speed into combat or directly at a specific opponent without slowing.  The easiest way to prevent charging is to pay attention to your speed and distance.  Melee range is defined as 5 feet from your opponent. 

7:  Crowding is also not permitted.  Please be respectful of others' personal space, particularly in close quarters and field battle situations.  

8:  Archers must be certified by an Archery Marshal prior to using a bow or crossbow in play, and must complete the archery safety course.  All arrows must be constructed according to the guidelines detailed in the Dark Passages Weapon Creation Guidelines.  Max draw weight for bows is 30 lbs.  Max draw weight for crossbows is 25 lbs.  There will be absolutely positively NO compound bows allowed in play at Dark Passages.  For crossbows phys-reps we will allow Nerf-style crossbows to be used.

9:  Firearms phys-reps allowed in Dark Passages may be of several varieties.   We recommend Nerf/Air Dart/Air Blasters/etc as affordable budget weaponry, but please be aware that foam ball and foam dart style weapons do not fire well in windy conditions, have a fairly short range, and may not be felt through heavy armor.  Single shot pistols or rifles, shotguns, repeating rifles, or six shooters are allowed.  For six shooters we recommend the Nerf Mavericks.