General Conduct and Ettiquette

Here is an abridged version for our new players.  Please check out the Rule Book for the full policy and disclosure.


If you hear a Hold called, you must IMMEDIATELY stop all movement and conversation and take a knee.  If for whatever reason you feel that you cannot safely take a knee you may sit, squat, hunch over, or place your weapons over your head and keep your head bowed throughout the Hold.  

Holds are generally called for safety issues, potential injuries, Plot information, and rules clarification.  Anyone may call a Hold if there is a significant safety or rules issue that must be addressed, or if a player is hurt or in danger of being hurt.   When all issues are resolved, everyone must return to their “frozen” position in order to resume play.

If a member of Plot is present he or she will ask "Are all issues resolved?"  If all are agreed, the Plot member and ONLY the Plot member will then call "Three-Two-One: Lay On" in order for play to resume. 

Medic VS Healer

Simply put:  Medic = Out-of-Play Medical Emergency / Healer = In-Play Pretend Wound(s)

Never use the term Medic in play.  We cannot stress this enough, as it is a major safety, health, and liability issue.  If a player is injured out of play, you must call a Hold immediately.  


1:  Dark Passages is a game based in the honor system.  It is your responsibility, as a participant, to adhere to all rules and policies at all times. 


2:  Dark Passages Productions has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY on illegal drugs, alcohol, sexual harassment, and real life illegal weapons.  


3:  There should be no touching or physical contact between players without both parties' express permission.  The only exception to this under general rules is combat, in which contact with another person is only permitted via approved weapons.


4:  Any intentional aggressive, threatening, or violent physical act against another person out of play will result in immediate disciplinary action by a member of Plot.  


5:  Keeping in play and out of play issues separate is VERY important.  If you cannot tell the difference between in play and out of play DO NOT COME TO OUR EVENTS. 


6:  On a similar note, please try to keep out of play conversations or comments during game to a minimum.  

Anyone out of play (with weapons/hands above their head or wearing a white headband) is considered a Haunt in play.  They are visible, intangible, mindless Spirits that cannot be controlled or communicated with in any way, even by a Medium. 


7:  There are certain touchy and questionable subjects that are strictly prohibited in play and at Dark Passages Productions' events.  These include rape, sexual harassment, incest, pedophilia, and animal cruelty. Discussing them or joking about them will not be tolerated in or out of play, nor may they be included in your character history. 

Torture and murder are not expressly prohibited as subject material, and may be encountered or referenced in play when dealing with some of our darker Plot lines, but the in-play cultures and society do not condone such things, nor will engaging in such activities in play be without severe consequences.  


8:  In the extremely unlikely event that a celebrity (musician, actor, media personality, author, etc) were to come to one of our events, please be courteous and treat them just like everybody else on site.