General Safety

Here is an abridged version for our new players.  Please check out the Rule Book for the full policy and disclosure.

1:  All weapons must be checked by a Safety Marshal prior to being used in our game. 

2:  All new players must attend a safety briefing and must sign a Safety and Conduct Waiver prior to entering play at their first event.  

3:  Plot members and staff will thoroughly walk each event site upon arrival prior to Game On at every event for safety hazards. 

4:  If you see combat moving toward one of these unsafe areas, you should call a Hold to have the combat moved to a safer location.  

5:  If you encounter snakes or other wild animals, particularly if they are inside a building, move away and close the door immediately.  

6:  If severe weather threatens the game, Plot will inform you of where to go for shelter at each event site during opening ceremonies.