New NPCs

Here is an abridged version for our new NPCs.  Please check out the Rule Book for the full policy and disclosure.

NPCing your first event is a great way to check out the game!  NPCs will stay on site near the Monster Town area, and at Game On will report to Monster Town to begin.  NPCs will be able to attend for free, and will also receive a complimentary Meal Plan.

What to bring:

  • Plain black clothing and outdoor shoes
  • Toiletries
  • Bedding
  • For Primitive sites: Tent
  • Optional: Townsfolk costuming and boffer weapons

Pre-register for each Event

If you are NPC’ing for the full event, you will need to purchase your parking pass if they are required at the park, which is true of all Georgia State Parks. All full time NPC’s will be given a $5 Tavern Tab and will be figured into the projected numbers for feast. Keep in mind that light fare (such as hot dogs, sandwich fixin’s, etc) as well as powdered gatorade and water will be provided free of charge throughout the event, even when tavern is closed for the night. There will also be water and powdered gatorade provided in Monster Town.

All full time NPC’s MUST pre-register online at the Character Forms tab.  This is to ensure that the Tavern buys enough food for everyone. If we know you are coming, we can also count on you to plan for modules and field battles. Full time NPC’s will have the chance to play a variety of roles throughout the weekend. If you have any restrictions to what type(s) of role(s) you wish to play, simply notify the MTM upon your arrival in Monster Town. That will let us plan the weekend’s encounters more efficiently.