Chapter 8: Advantages and Disadvantages

Due to the nature of Advantages and Disadvantages, anything from these categories must be purchased at Character Creation. They represent aspects of your character that make you who you are. Some traits may be present from birth, while others may be a product of your environment and history. Advantages may not be bought after Character Creation, however some Advantages with multiple levels may be raised with EXP after Character Creation as long as you begin the game with at least Level 1. Those few unique Advantages represent situations where you are able to get better with practice.

Disadvantages may be worked off in play, however do not expect this to be an easy task, even for a low level Disadvantage. Some may be nearly impossible to overcome, which others may be resolved with a bit of hard work and due diligence. All Disadvantages cost double their point value to buy off. You must have the EXP accumulated prior to having it removed from your Character Sheet, however you do not have to pay these buy-off points until you have accomplished the in play tasks set before you. In other words, if you do not succeed in overcoming the obstacles set before you, you will not be charged the buy-off points at that time. The points will not come off of your total available EXP until such time as Plot approves the buy-off, which will be after all in play conditions have been met.

All Advantages and Disadvantages must be approved of by Plot and explained in your character history, or they will be removed from your sheet.