You may receive a maximum of  30 Points from Disadvantages, though you may take additional ones if you want the roleplay challenge and don't mind not receiving points for them.

General Disadvantages


Cost: 6 Points

There is a substance or activity that you just can't function without. It may be obvious, like Intoxicants, or perhaps something less sinister, like herbal tea, your morning prayers, chess, or even salt. Whatever it is, you have great difficulty resisting its temptation when its presence is known to you.

Mechanics: Whatever your Addiction, you must partake of it at least once every six hours. For game mechanics' sake, consider this like a protective-reset period, except that it resets on the 6's and on the 12's. If you do not partake of your vice, for the first hour after you must roleplay nervousness and shakiness. After that, you take the effects of a Lesser Poison (1 additional hour). If after 2 hours you still do not have your fix, you do not die, but will become Confused indefinitely until you obtain a fix.

Allergy: Mild

Cost: 2 Points

You are allergic to a specific substance or material. The offending substance must be specified in your Character Background History, and may be any sort of chemical or material that you wish, however it MUST be something that you are likely to come into contact with in play. Something along the lines of iron, gold, a specific gemstone material, salt, chocolate, leather, silk, roses, lavender, chalk, or ink would be acceptable. Something that mimics a commonly avoided real-life substance, such as poison ivy, hay, bees, spiders, aspartame, gluten, etc is not acceptable, because you would normally avoid contact with those things out of play. Your in play Allergy should be distinctly different from any out of play real-life allergies that you, as a player, may have. This is meant to be a role-playing challenge, not something that could actually harm you out of play. Not only would that be a safety issue, it would be unfair to others with the same Disadvantage.

Mechanics: If you come into contact with this substance or material in play, you have an Allergic Reaction which lasts for 10 minutes. During this time, you must roleplay nausea and/or discomfort, and you cannot use any of your Skills or abilities. You may fend off a killing blow, but may not engage in combat. After the time has elapsed, you recover fully with no ill effects as the nausea passes.

Allergy: Severe

Cost: 6 Points

You are severely allergic to a specific substance or material. Rather than making you ill, this level will actually knock you unconscious. The offending substance must be specified in your Character Background History, and may be any sort of chemical or material that you wish, however it MUST be something that you are likely to come into contact with in play. Something along the lines of iron, gold, a specific gemstone material, salt, chocolate, leather, silk, roses, lavender, chalk, or ink would be acceptable. Something that mimics a commonly avoided real-life substance, such as poison ivy, hay, bees, spiders, aspartame, gluten, etc is not acceptable, because you would normally avoid contact with those things out of play. Your in play Allergy should be distinctly different from any out of play real-life allergies that you, as a player, may have. This is meant to be a role-playing challenge, not something that could actually harm you out of play. Not only would that be a safety issue, it would be unfair to others with the same Disadvantage.

Mechanics: On contact, you fall unconscious for 10 minutes, after which the nausea and discomfort lasts for 50 minutes once you regain consciousness. When the entire hour has elapsed, you recover fully with no lasting effects.

If ingested or inhaled, you remain unconscious for the full hour, unless awakened with healing doses or medical treatment. In this case, for any time remaining in the hour after you are awakened, you will feel nauseated and may not use any skills or abilities, as described above.

Prolonged or acute exposure (ie: continuous contact or ingestion/inhalation without any treatment) results in death in 1 hour. This may be countered with a Tonic, which will keep the victim alive but in a weakened state, as above. For example, a prisoner who is allergic to iron may be clapped in iron manacles, but must be administered a Tonic once per day in order to counteract the deadly effects of prolonged exposure. The prisoner will be alive and conscious enough to feed himself, but will be unable to use any skills or abilities that would otherwise normally allow him to escape or fight.

At any time, medical treatment or healing draughts may be used to purify the victim's blood system, which counteracts the negative effects as described by those abilities and restores the victim to full health with no lasting effects.


Cost: 10 Points

You cannot remember who you once were or what you once did. Perhaps you have made up a history for yourself or deluded yourself into believing a false history, but eventually your true background will come to light.

Mechanics: Plot writes your background. You may write what you BELIEVE is your history, but it is up to Plot to decide what actually happened and when, or if, you remember the real events.


Cost: 10 Points

You either will not, or cannot cast magic. Whether you were born without the ability to harness mana, or simply find the return of magic to the world treacherous and repulsive, you do not involve yourself with spells. Magic can still affect you to both harm and heal, but you can have no part in the casting of it yourself.

Mechanics: You cannot cast magic and you do not start with the standard 1 point of mana or base spell. Further, you are unable to ever purchase mana, Rituals, or Circles, and cannot activate items, tattoos, etc. which require mana to use.

Bad Luck

Cost: 4 Points

You have a knack for trouble and tend to lose things, and many accuse you of clumsiness. You have a higher chance of encountering problems than other people. Monsters, bandits, etc seem to be attracted to you, your cabin may be robbed or raided more frequently, or you may accidentally stumble and set off a nasty trap. You just never know.

Mechanics: You cannot take the Luck Advantage or receive any Luck effect in play. Luck simply does not take hold on you, instead it is repelled. Any attempt to affect you with any sort of Luck will instead backfire and rub off on the person trying to assist you. This effect causes 10 minutes of Bad Luck to the person who attempted to help you and has absolutely no effect on you whatsoever.

*** You may not take this Disadvantage in conjunction with the Luck Advantage. ***


Cost: 4 Points

Either you are blackmailing someone of importance, or someone is blackmailing you.

Mechanics: If you are the possessor of the juicy bits of information, beware, for the moment you use it to garner money or favors, you can expect your victim to make every attempt to discover and/or prove your identity, or come after you from the shadows. If you are the victim, you may be coerced to pay up, throw a vote, etc. Either way, if it ever comes out publicly, no matter which end you are on, your reputation will be ruined. This Disadvantage is, ultimately, your character’s dirty little secret. Whether or not you choose to act on your information or cave to your enemy’s demands is your choice and yours alone, but never doubt that this Disadvantage will cause you no end of embarrassment and discomfort at the most inconvenient of times…

You must specify in your Character Background History whether you are the blackmailer or the blackmailee. You should also specify the details of how you came to gain or lose such a juicy tidbit of inside knowledge, and expound upon any actions or consequences your character has already experienced because of this detestable information.


Cost: 10 Points

You have either lost your sight or been born without the use of your eyes.

Mechanics: Must take the Blind Fighting Advantage to take any Martial School. You are illiterate unless you have Enhanced Sense of Touch and can read braille. Blind appliance must be approved by Plot for safety.

*** You may not take this Disadvantage in conjunction with the Enhanced Sense of Sight, Medium, Aura Sight, Dream Sight, or Magic Sight Advantages. ***

Broken Bond

Cost: 10 Points

You and one you once held dear were tied together by the bonds of your very souls. However, the bond was not completed before their death and as they slipped away you were left to live forever more as one half of a broken whole.

Mechanics: It takes double mana to resurrect you as your soul fights to join your lost loved one beyond the veil.

Broken Divination

Cost: 5 Points

Visions come and go as they please, heedless of your behest or control. You find you are unable to bend the skill of Divination to your will, and might find Fate pushing images upon you at the worst of times.

Mechanics: You cannot control when, where, or how your Divination activates, or what you see through it. Your Divination is entirely at Plot’s behest.

*** This Disadvantage requires you to take at least one level of the Divination Advantage. ***

Cage Crazed

Cost: 2 Points

You cannot stand to be confined or restrained against your will and value your ability to come and go above all else.

Mechanics: When restricted to a building, place, or in movement for any period of time you lash out ranging between vicious anger and desperation, to escapism, to depression and despondency at your confinement.

Chronic Condition

Cost: 6 Points

You have a non-contagious chronic condition or Disease that cannot be cured by any known remedy or medical procedure. You may specify your ailment in your Character Background History if you wish, or you may leave your illness as a mystery for Plot to determine at will. Ultimately, the choice is yours of whether your character (or anyone) would know the cause of his or her ailment.

Mechanics: Whatever the condition, you must partake of a Tonic at least once every six hours. For game mechanics' sake, consider this like a protective-reset period, except that it resets on the 6's and on the 12's. If you do not take your Tonic, for the first hour you must roleplay periodic bouts of nausea and intense pain at least once every 5 to 10 minutes. You may still use your Active Skills and Combat Maneuvers, but you cannot use any Skill that requires a great deal of focused concentration (such as Divination, Dreamwalking, Craft Skills, etc). One hour later, if you still have not taken your Tonic, you will take the effects of a Lesser Disease (1 hour of extreme debilitating illness where you cannot use any Skills at all). If the clock strikes two hours past time and you still have not taken your Tonic, you will not die, but you will fall into a Coma until you are Awakened or given a dose of Tonic. If Awakened, you will remain conscious for 10 minutes before falling back into a Coma again.

Either way, you must be given a Tonic in order to fully recover and function normally again, however, even if you finally get your Tonic at 4:50pm, this Disadvantage will still reset at 6pm as normal. The reset time is simply a mechanic designed to make tracking your time simpler. The Tonic does not actually last a set amount of time in and of itself, rather it keeps your body from resetting itself internally at the next interval. You may take your Tonic any time between 5:30-6 or 11:30-12 in order to stave off the ill effects for the next interval. If you sleep through the reset time, you will awaken feeling groggy and nauseous under the effects of Lesser Disease. As long as you take your Tonic within 10 minutes of waking, you are fine for the remainder of the current interval as if you had taken it on time. Anything beyond 10 minutes of waking and you will take the effects appropriate for the current time. Ie: if you wake at 7:30am you are under the effects of Lesser Disease. If you wake at 8am you will fall directly into a Coma 10 minutes after waking if you fail to take your Tonic post haste.


Cost: 4 Points

You’re all thumbs, lacking the innate grace many possess, and often find yourself fumbling at inopportune times.

Mechanics: Fumble effects last double the length of time for you, and anytime your blows are Parried you take a Fumble effect.

Color Blind

Cost: 6 Points

You see the world in black and white, quite literally. You have either lost your ability to discern colors or were born with monochromatic color blindness.

Mechanics: You are not able to discern colors at all, so your entire world appears in shades of black, white, and grey. If your character remembers colors, you should describe in your Character Background History what happened to make you lose your color vision. For example: were you injured in a horrific accident, severely ill, or perhaps just experimenting on yourself with Alchemical Compounds.


Cost: 2 Points

Description: You have the compelling urge to partake of some substance or activity whenever the opportunity presents itself. Your character’s compulsory obsession should be specified in your Character Background History. It may be as specific or vague as you like (within reason).

Mechanics: You may resist temptation, but you should roleplay the urge and make a show of trying to resist. Maybe you really want to go swimming, or that piece of chocolate is just calling your name, or maybe you have a fetish for petting velvet, or have trouble eating just one cookie. Whatever it is, it should be blatantly obvious to those around you that you are sorely tempted by the distraction.


Level 1 to 5 - Cost: variable, 2 - 10 Points 

You begin game with a partially corrupted soul.

Mechanics: This is the direct result of a very bad, very evil decision that you have made, and should be fully explained and detailed in your character history. Maybe you killed an orphan in a blind rage, tortured a prisoner who had no information to give, or sold out your country for personal gain. Whatever it was, deliberate or not, your soul and reputation bear the mark. All consequences of Corruption are strictly Find Out In Play.

Each level of this Disadvantage counts as a level of Permanent Corruption. A character that reaches 10 total Permanent Corruption becomes an NPC. These levels can only be temporarily removed, as until they are bought off you do not truly feel remorse for your actions, thus the Corruption will return each night at sunset.

Level 1 - Cost: 2 - Lesser Evil
You committed an evil act and have regretted it from the moment you made your bad decision. Perhaps you were tricked into it, perhaps you were too cowardly to stand up for the right course of action, perhaps you just acted out of anger and hatred and didn’t stop to think about your actions first. Whatever the case may be, you long for Redemption, and will seek forgiveness as you can.

Level 2 - Cost: 4 - Reluctant Villain
You really didn’t mean to be evil, it just sort of happened to you. Most likely, you were cast into some impossible situation and felt the need to side with the lesser of two evils. Still, by taking sides and not taking a stand against them, you fell right into their trap. Perhaps you were told to kill someone or be killed yourself, or perhaps you had to choose between the life of your lover and the life of your child. Either way, you made a choice without taking into account that there is always a third option. Sometimes we must learn to forgive ourselves before we can seek the forgiveness of others.

Level 3 - Cost: 6 - Sniveling Coward
You sat by and watched a travesty unfold while doing nothing to stop or prevent it. Perhaps your father was abusive, perhaps a mentor was cheating the Guild under the table, or perhaps you knew a madman was going to poison the town well. For whatever reason, you valued your own position, status, or hide above those of your fellow men, and you repeatedly and willfully refused to risk your own neck to save the victim(s) from their fate(s).

Level 4 - Cost: 8 - Heartless Bastard
You have knowingly and willingly betrayed someone or something that should have been very dear to you. Perhaps it was your lover, your country, or your family, perhaps it was selling out your ideals by accepting a bribe. Whatever your crime, you profited from your actions, be it through monetary gain or personal satisfaction. Perhaps your justification was political, perhaps personal, but your actions make you a Traitor to those that trusted and/or loved you.

Level 5 - Cost: 10 - Soulless Fiend
You did something unforgivably heinous, willingly and knowingly, and are what most people would consider to be a being of pure and unadulterated evil. Not only were you conscious of what you did, you actually enjoyed watching others suffer as a result of your actions and cruelty.

*** This Disadvantage may not be taken in conjunction with the Pure Soul Advantage. ***


Cost: 4 Points

Some are born with an innate courage, while others are simply born to look after themselves. You are the latter rather than the former, preferring to hightail it at the slightest sign of danger rather than risking your own neck. It takes a great force of will for you to go against what you’re afraid of rather than saving your own skin. After all no one ever said being a hero was easy.

Mechanics: All Fear effects last twice as long for you.

*** This Disadvantage may not be taken in conjunction with the Inhuman Courage Advantage. ***


Cost: 6 Points

Your soul longs for what lies beyond the veil. You find the land of the dead holds more draw for you than the land of the living.

Mechanics: Your soul pass count is 3 minutes instead of 5 minutes.


Cost: 4 Points

Description: You have one or more personal fantasies that you have become utterly convinced are the absolute truth. It has no basis in fact, but in your mind it happened just the way that you imagined it.

Mechanics: Your Delusion must be explained and specified in your Character Background History. If your Delusions involve another person, that party must be named and described in detail. Regardless of the details of what you think versus what is real, you can expect that you will receive some odd looks should anyone learn about your world view.


Cost: 6 Points

Description: You have failed in your duties or position and have been cast out of your native society. Whatever you did, it cost you everything, and you are now shunned by your family and countrymen. You are dead to them, and have been branded as such, sometimes literally.

Mechanics: Depending on the culture, the traditions and reasons for casting someone out may vary greatly, however Outcasts are universally recognized as traitors, cowards, and Oathbreakers. Depending upon the severity and nature of your crimes, which should be outlined in detail in your character history, you may be able to hide them temporarily from your compatriots, but members of your native culture, tribe, etc may recognize you on sight or from reputation. You may be able to embark upon a quest in play to redeem yourself, but first you must prove your worth and attempt to gain the ear of one in a position to appeal to the leader of your former nation/tribe/etc on your behalf.

Easily Manipulated

Cost: 4 Points

Description: You are particularly susceptible to Mind Effects.

Mechanics: All negative Mind-Affecting Compounds and Skills affect you twice as badly. Any negative Mind Effect that you cannot counter will affect you for double the normal time.  

*** This Disadvantage may not be taken in conjunction with the Inhuman Courage Advantage. ***

Easily Winded

Cost: 6 Points

You are far from athletic in build, having lived either a pampered lifestyle or one lacking in physical hardships. As such, when faced with vigorous activity you find yourself often short on breath, requiring longer periods of rest to recover your strength.

Mechanics: Instead of 10 minutes to rest in order to reset your combat abilities you require 15 minutes between combats to recover.

*** This Disadvantage may not be taken in conjunction with the Seasoned Advantage. ***

Elemental Enmity

Cost: 2 Points

You have earned the ire of a certain Element and it refuses to grant you it’s power, preventing you from casting any spells of that Element. You must first make amends before you can hope to receive its blessing.

Mechanics: Cannot cast spells of the specified element, or Dream magic, which requires all elements.

Far Sighted

Cost: 6 Points

You can see things a great distance off, however, to view close in items or printed materials clearly (within 20 feet of you), you must use a magnifying glass or spectacles.

Mechanics: You may not use any Craft Skills or any skill involving reading without a prop to aid your vision. If you are writing without the aid of your glasses, you should squint your eyes and alter your handwriting to signify not being able to properly view the paper. You may take this Disadvantage if you wear glasses to correct this condition in real life, however, be aware, you must wear your glasses in play. If you are wearing contacts at an event, you must wear a pair of non-prescription prop spectacles in lieu of your real out of play glasses or carry another visual aid (such as a monocle or magnifying glass) instead. Your in play vision aid must be a tagged item and is stealable in play. The phys rep must be relinquished if stolen, so if you are using your real life prescription glasses you should carry a hard-sided glasses case with you in case something untoward happens to them in play.

*** This Disadvantage may not be taken in conjunction with the Enhanced Sight Advantage. ***

Fast Bleeder

Cost: 6 Points

Your blood is thin and does not coagulate normally, thus you bleed out faster than most.

Mechanics: Instead of the normal 5 minute bleedout your count is now 2 minutes (all unconscious).

***This Disadvantage may not be taken in conjunction with the Slow Bleeder Advantage.***

Foreign Tongue

Cost: 6 Points

Your main language is something other than the common language known as Trade Speak. You cannot read, write, or speak Trade Speak and must take steps to learn the language to communicate.

Mechanics: You begin play with only your cultural language and dialect rather than Trade Speak. You must acquire a willing teacher and spend three consecutive games learning the language and at least 3 downtimes before you may speak Trade Speak, and then you may retain an accent indefinitely.


Cost: 8 Points

You tend to be absent minded forgetting little or big details. While this certainly won’t stop you from accomplishing a task you might find it takes you longer as you misplace important items or information.

Mechanics: You have -1 TSL to all skills when it comes to contesting skills with others or surmounting challenges. This does not prevent learning your skill at each level, just how well it functions.

*** This Disadvantage may not be taken in conjunction with the Savant Advantage. ***


Cost: 8 Points

You are delicate in physique and your bones are easily broken.

Mechanics: You take a wound even when people pull their swings and call ‘Flat’. Knockouts result in a Coma and any sort of jarring or Falldown effects also result in a wound to an appropriate location - if you catch yourself falling your arm takes the wound, if you fall flat it’s a torso wound, etc.

*** This Disadvantage may not be taken in conjunction with the Toughness Advantage. ***


Level 1 to 3 - Cost: variable, 2 - 6 Points

You have a physical condition, deformity, disfigurement, or identifying mark that makes you appearance disturbing to others at a glance. Whether you were born this way or the victim of an accident or injustice, people tend to shy away in fear or disgust due to your appearance.

Mechanics: The number of points determines the severity, below are some examples. You must be prepared to wear the appropriate makeup, prosthetic, tattoo, etc in order to take this Disadvantage. If you have tattoos out of play you may take this Disadvantage so long as a portion of your inkwork is visible at all times. This is not something that can easily be covered up, so your character has learned to live with the odd looks and bad reactions from passersby. 

These are examples to give you a general idea of the severity of each level’s disfigurement. Please feel free to come up with your own oddities or combinations thereof if you please. Plot reserves the right to ask you to alter your choices if we feel they are in any way offensive or insensitive, or if they are too close to mimicking any existing Racial Makeup requirements.

Level 1 - Cost: 2 - Freakish
You have one of the following (or similar) traits:
fangs, odd eye color (contact lenses), odd skin tone (highlights other than blue or green), odd hair color (dyed or sprayed in - Syrene may not use this as it duplicates their racial makeup requirements), minor scars/birthmarks/tattoos/etc (minimum of 3 inches visible)

Level 2 - Cost: 4 – Unsettling
You have one of the following (or similar) traits:
webbed hands and/or feet, webbed ears, one eye, extremely hairy or furry, odd skin patterns (such as scales, molting, blotches, etc), major scars/birthmarks/tattoos/etc (minimum of 6 inches, must be obvious and visible).  This can include torn or missing horns/ears/etc but such areas must appear scarred or bloodied. If you are allergic to latex prosthetics this is a good way to avoid having to wear them. You can use hypoallergenic makeup effects instead to show that they were cut off, etc.

Level 3 - Cost: 6 – Monstrous
You have one of the following (or similar) traits:
hunchback, one arm, full-body alternate skin color, shredded or broken wings, etc.  

If you play a race with mandatory makeup highlights, the full-body tone must be a distinctly different color with your normal racial highlights on top of it. For example, if you are playing a Cochotl and wish to have shredded or broken wings, you may use just enough support to make them appear to fall at odd angles as necessary. 

Guild Enmity

Cost: 6 Points

You have made an enemy of a particular Guild. While they don't necessarily want you dead, they do send competition your way in an effort to run you out of business. They throw kinks in your plans at every turn and generally make your life frustrating.

Mechanics: This is primarily a roleplaying challenge and a mechanic to kink both Craft Skills and IBGA’s. You may have IBGA’s interrupted or squelched, of you may simply be blacklisted from accessing the information and/or materials that you seek. Either way, it can be quite inconvenient.

Heavy Sleeper

Cost: 4 Points

You can sleep through even the loudest noise or imminent danger.

Mechanics: In the event of a cabin raid, you may not act for a full minute after you wake up. You are groggy and move slowly. You may ward off a killing blow, or call natural defensives, such as Skins (or Armor, if you have slept in it), but you may not use any Skills or Combat Maneuvers. Even if someone shakes you awake, it takes you a full minute to register their cries and react. Also, all Sleep effects that target you are doubled (20 minutes instead of the usual 10 minutes). This Disadvantage should be indicated on your cabin notes for each event.

*** This Disadvantage may not be taken in conjunction with the Light Sleeper Advantage. ***

Hindered Mana

Cost: 4 Points

While the use of mana is not beyond you, attempting to draw on the magic of the world to recover your stores proves difficult for you. Perhaps you simply lack the concentration or maybe you’re body is less adept at storing mana than others. Either way it takes you double the time to recover your mana than others unless you are in a place of power.

Mechanics: Meditation takes longer (double) unless in a place of power. Further, Rituals does not increase mana gain unless within a place of power


Level 1 to 3 - Cost: variable, 2 - 6 Points

Somebody wants you dead, or at least wants to see you rotting in jail. You have a bounty on your head, and wanted posters seem to follow you everywhere.

Mechanics: If you are lucky enough to be wanted alive, you can expect that a posse will show up to take you in for justice. If you are unfortunate enough to be wanted Dead or Alive, or just plain old Dead, you might find that assassins are lurking to pay you a visit. Whether you are guilty as accused or set up, you may hide for a time, but no one can hide from justice forever…

Level 1 - Cost: 2 - Fugitive
You have angered a low level Noble, politician, merchant, local or tribal leader, local Magistrate, etc. You may be hunted by an assassin or a bounty hunter, or perhaps a small group of mercenaries.

Level 2 - Cost: 4 - Wanted
Your deeds have earned you the hatred of a high level politician/advisor, military leader, Guild Member, powerful Merchant House, etc. You are sought after by an organized group, such as the Brazleton Detective Agency or a Vikaa’ran Hunting Party.

Level 3 - Cost: 6 - Traitor
You are wanted by an entire nation/race/government/Guild/etc, or by any monarch/leader thereof. There are standing orders to capture and/or kill you on sight. You may find yourself pursued by an entire army or armada. Even if you are sought alive, it is only to be brought back to stand trial and await execution.


Cost: 4 Points

Either you never had the opportunity to learn, or you just didn't care to. Whichever the case, you cannot read or write.

Mechanics: This skill may be learned in play, but in order to buy-off this Disadvantage, you and your teacher must simultaneously devote three consecutive IBGA's to this process. You may accomplish this in a single month if every waking moment is spent practicing (using all 3 IBGA’s from the same event) or over the course of 3 gathers (using 1 IBGA for 3 events in a row, or splitting it up 2 & 1).


Cost: 5 Points

Unsavory characters mark your families history making you the target of suspicion by those awaiting to learn if the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. You might find more than a few looking for you because of the blood within your veins.

Mechanics: This Disadvantage primarily affects interactions with NPCs and the responses they have towards you, and should be listed in all appropriate IBGAs.


Level 1 to 3 - Cost: variable, 2 - 6 Points

Level 1 - Cost: 2 - Fatigued

You find it hard to sleep, possibly due to the dread of what you might see within your dreams, or maybe you do not feel you deserve the peace slumber brings. Perhaps you simply overwork yourself and find yourself pulling long hours until they are all but second nature to you.

Mechanics: Roleplay tiredness and inability to easily fall asleep.

Level 2 - Cost: 4 - Impaired

You cannot remember the last time you had a good night’s sleep or fell into your dreams without outside aid.

Mechanics: It takes you twice as long to enter the Dreaming on your own, and upon waking you suffer a confusion effect for an hour as your lack of sleep leaves you disoriented. You must take a sleep aid to mitigate this.

Level 3 - Cost: 6 - Exhausted

Most have forgotten a time when you did not have bags under your eyes. No matter the time it seems like you’re always burning the midnight oil.

Mechanics: It takes you three times as long to enter the Dreaming on your own, and upon waking you suffer an ongoing hallucination effect for an hour. You must take two sleep aids to mitigate this.

Karmic Retribution

Cost: 5 Points

You have lived more than one life and during at least one of your past lives you have committed such an atrocity that it has marked the fate of your soul forever. You find people of your past or possibly the world itself conspiring to make you pay for the harm which you have inflicted.

Mechanics: Plot will determine your past life’s deeds and how it affects you in this life.


Cost: 8 Points

There is something wrong with your legs, and thus, you cannot walk or run normally.

Mechanics: Be it due to birth, injury, etc, you must walk slowly with something to aid you, such as a cane, walking stick, staff, etc. This may be a weapon, as this Disadvantage does not impede your ability to participate in full combat, but you may not run or use any speed-based Skills. You may walk at a brisk pace, but must roleplay that you are struggling to do so, and must use your aid device for aid as you go. If you walk quickly, you should stop for a 10 count when you are finished to catch your breath.


Cost: 2 Points

There is an individual, group, or organization to which you are blindly and completely loyal. In your eyes and mind, they can do no wrong, can utter no falsehood, and can commit no injustice, even if you are presented with irrefutable evidence to the contrary.

Mechanics: You get a +1 bonus anytime you come to their direct defense. This can be +1 damage if the person is being attacked and you step in the middle, or it can be a +1 to Skills or IBGA's used to defend this person or groups' work, word, or reputation. This is at the discretion of Plot or the Marshal on hand, and must be noted at the time or in the IBGA. The down side is that you are so loyal and so trusting that you would risk just about anything, including your life, to protect them. If they ever did betray you, your entire world would come crashing down.

Magic's Revulsion

Cost: 10 Points

Magic reviles you and any attempt to use or have magic used upon you results in injury on your part.

Mechanics: Any spell cast on you causes an additional wound on top of any other negative effects. Even healing spells cause harm instead. While packet delivered and touch cast spells deliver the wound to the location contacted, point and click spells with no specified location do a torso wound, as do area of effect spells. Must provide IP reason in background history for what was done to offend Magic this much. Subject to Plot approval.

Magical Tolerance

Cost: 4 Points

You have a tolerance to healing and positive magical effects, and your body does not respond as easily to their whims.

Mechanics: You must have two positive spells cast upon you to accomplish the normal effect. This does not apply to any damaging spells, only healing or positive spell effects such as a Ward.


Cost: 8 Points

Description: You cannot speak. Your voice box was damaged, and you are unable to produce words or coherent sounds. You should specify in your Character Background History how this came to be.

Mechanics: You may laugh, whimper, hiss, etc, but only softly in a whisper-tone, and it may only be sounds produced by the movement of air. You may not make any recognizable sounds, syllables, words, or noises with your vocal cords. You may whistle or play wind instruments, for example, but you cannot hum or make any other noise requiring the vibration of your vocal chords.

Near Sighted

Cost: 6 Points

You can see things clearly that are close to you (within 20 feet), however, to view anything at a distance you must use a spy glass or binoculars. All shapes farther out are merely blurry fuzzy blobs. You can detect motion and approaching persons normally, however you cannot make out their faces or identities until they are within 20 feet of you.
Mechanics: You may take this Disadvantage if you wear glasses to correct this condition in real life, however, be aware, you must wear your glasses in play. If you are wearing contacts at an event, you must wear a pair of non-prescription prop spectacles in lieu of your real out of play glasses or carry another visual aid (such as a spy glass or binoculars) instead. Your in play vision aid must be a tagged item and is stealable in play. The phys rep must be relinquished if stolen, so if you are using your real life prescription glasses you should carry a hard-sided glasses case with you in case something untoward happens to them in play.

***This Disadvantage may not be taken in conjunction with the Enhanced Sight Advantage.***


Level 1 to 3 - Cost: variable, 2 - 6 Points

You suffer from horrible, traumatic nightmares every night, and most days you wake up screaming in a cold sweat. You should specify in your Character Background History how long you have had them, what triggered them (if your character knows their cause), and give Plot a description of what haunts your dreams. You may be as vague or specific as you like, but you should include at least one major trigger or terrifying aspect that follows you consistently throughout these recurring dreams.

Mechanics: Any player who takes any level of this Disadvantage may be pulled into a dream module by Plot at any time of the day or night. We reserve the right to wake you up, keep you up, or pull you out of play at any time that we see fit, as this may be necessary to further current plotlines.

Level 1 - Cost: 2 - Bad Dream
You suffer from bad dreams that keep you up at night. At this level, this is effectively a roleplay-only Disadvantage and does not affect you negatively in play. You always wake up nervous and uneasy.

Level 2 - Cost: 4 - Night Terrors
You may not take the Light Sleeper Advantage. You become trapped nightly within your dreams, which are severe enough to affect you every day. Each morning, you wake up shaking, and on the worst of days, screaming in a cold sweat. For 1 hour after waking, you are so distraught that you are unable to use any Skills or Combat Maneuvers other than to ward off a killing blow.

Level 3 - Cost: 6 - Prisoner of the Dream
As above, but there are some days that you are unable to wake up on your own. You become trapped within the Dark Dreaming, and must be shaken or Awakened by someone still in the Waking Realm. There are even days when you get pulled into the Dark Dreaming from the Waking Realm and fall unconscious as the Dream takes you over and sucks you in. In your heart, you know the Dark Dreaming can kill you… it’s just a matter of how and when…


Cost: 6 Points

You believe yourself capable of just about anything! No task or trial is too small for your glory and surely success is nigh!

Mechanics: Once a day you may attempt to use a skill you do not possess. See plot for actual effect.

*** This Disadvantage may not be taken in conjunction with the Savant Advantage. ***

Pain Intolerance

Cost: 2 Points

Your threshold for pain is extremely low, and you simply cannot bear the smallest amount of physical discomfort.

Mechanics: All pain effects last double the normal time. Similarly, if you are conscious while being healed (especially if you are being stitched up), you should roleplay screaming in agony unless you are administered a Painkiller or knocked unconscious.


Cost: 4 Points

Someone or something is out to get you… you just know it! You must maintain constant vigilance, lest your enemies get the drop on you. Surely they lurk in every shadow… around every turn!

Mechanics: You take paranoia to the extreme. You are always on edge, always on your guard, as if expecting something to jump out of the shadows at any moment. Maybe you have good reason for this, maybe it’s just your training… Whatever the case, you are constantly aware of your surroundings, searching for any sign of suspicious activity.


Plot Chosen Disadvantage

Level 1 to 5 – Cost: variable, 2 - 10 Points

Let Plot decide your fate!! <insert maniacal laughter here>

Mechanics: Most likely your Disadvantage will not mimic anything on this list, but, as always, Plot reserves the right to award these points as we see fit. We will always try our best to do so in keeping with the theme of the player's submitted Character Background History.

Level 1 - Cost: 2 - A Li’l Loopy
You can look forward to plot throwing minor craziness your way from time to time, like a band of trolls that think you smell purty, or a certain NPC that takes a particular shine to your most prized possession.

Level 2 - Cost: 4 - Somewhat Psycho
Perhaps a higher up Guild member is convinced that you stole his design, or maybe your own sword just wants to taste your blood from time to time… take this Level and you might just find out! Then again… you might not… ever… really… know…

Level 3 - Cost: 6 - Freakin’ Bonkers
Somebody (or something) really doesn’t like you. It might be that one high level politico that you beat in a poker game, or it might be an entire race of creatures that suddenly decide that your clothing is somehow offensive to them. Do you really want to find out??

Level 4 - Cost: 8 - Bug Nuts Crazy
This level might land you a Cursed weapon, or the enmity of a King, you just never know…

Level 5 - Cost: 10 - Suicidal
Be careful with this level. You just might find yourself on the wrong side of a major villain, or perhaps something you have done has angered the Avatars themselves… either way, this Level should be taken cautiously, and may very well lead to character death in the long haul. On the up side… you might find yourself with one heck of a character retirement option!!

Phobia: Mild

Cost: 2 Points

There is something out there that you are terribly afraid of. Perhaps it is a monster from that story your mother used to tell you, perhaps something more mundane, like porcelain dolls or spiders. It could even be a situation, like having to watch a loved one die, or burning to death in a fire. Whatever it is, you react very badly when confronted with the item, person, or situation that you fear.

Mechanics: You must specify in your Character Background History what specific item, creature, person, situation, etc it is that you fear the most. When confronted with your greatest fear, you will take a full 10 second Fear effect. You may roleplay as you choose, as some characters may freeze in their tracks while others take off running for their lives. Whichever reaction you choose may change with your present situation, but it should always become very obvious to anyone around you that you are utterly terrified of this particular thing.

Phobia: Severe

Cost: 6 Points

As above, but your fear is utterly debilitating. It literally freezes you in place as your mind becomes entrapped in imagining the worst possibilities.

Mechanics: You cannot move, fight, speak, or use any Skills whatsoever while exposed to the source of your fear. You may ward off a Killing Strike, but you may not call any other defensive maneuvers. So long as the thing you fear remains in your presence you are in the throngs of a full blown panic attack. If the scene gets too intense, you may pantomime hyperventilation and take a Knockout effect as your character literally passes out. This effect lasts for a full minute after the source of your fear is removed. If you are unconscious you will immediately resume the previous effects if you are Awakened while the source of your fear is still present. You may be brought out of your panicked state if another character locks eyes with you and forces you to focus on them instead of the source of your fear. In such a case, the other party must roleplay this interaction while leading you slowly away from the situation at hand. You must maintain eye contact with the person trying to help you for one full minute in order to break the effect, however if you see the source of your fear again, even out of the corner of your eye, it will retrigger a new wave of fear induced panic, forcing them to restart their calming count.


Poison Susceptibility

Cost: 6 Points

Your body does not react well at all to Poisons. You succumb to them much faster and more seriously than most people.

Mechanics: All Poisons strike you with halved time and require two doses of Antidote or Purify Blood to heal. Lesser Poisons kill you in 30 minutes (instead of the usual 1 hour) and Greater Poisons kill you in 5 minutes (instead of 10 minutes). Instant Poisons still take effect instantly, but like all Poisons they require 2 doses (or double time) of the appropriate Healing measure in order to cure your body prior to attempting resuscitation with Lightning in a Jar.


Rhukichii Curse

Cost: 8 Points

You have attacked or killed one of the Rhukichiin people, and have had a Curse placed upon you in retribution. If you are very, very lucky, you might be able to redeem yourself and convince them to remove the Curse, but the path will be long and extremely difficult. These Curses are Ancient, dating back to the earliest history of the Rhukichiin culture, and are a traditional form of punishment for the most grievous offenses against the Familia.

Mechanics: This Curse eliminates the 10-minute reset on Combat Maneuvers. You may still use all of your all of your Martial abilities, however they are limited to once per day until the Curse is lifted. Your Combat Maneuvers now reset daily at 6:00pm, rather than resetting normally after 10 minutes of rest. This includes all Martial School Skills, as well as combat Skills under the Guild system, such as Strongman, etc. It does not affect Skills that are already once per day, only standard combat related skills that would normally reset.

Duration: This effect is permanent until the offense is rectified with the injured party, their Familia, or the Tribunal. Generally this is done by making amends to those you have injured with your deeds. Earning forgiveness of those whom you have wronged, even if you wronged them by accident, is never an easy feat to accomplish. Nevertheless, if you sincerely desire to make amends there are ways to do so.


Cost: 5 Points

You have seen the chaos of war and the horrors that it brings. When confronted with images or experiences that remind you of your time in battle, you grow edgy and paranoid as old reflexes and habits begin to kick in.

Mechanics: Triggered Paranoia when encountering loud noises and other sounds of battle for the first time, or when faced with reminders of your time in service. If you already have Paranoia it becomes Acute Paranoia.

Slow Healer

Cost: 6 Points

Your body does not heal itself as quickly as most. You take longer to recover even from the most minor of injuries.

Mechanics: All healing times are doubled. When stitched by a Surgeon, you will be fully healed in 2 hours instead of the usual 1 hour. When healed with a Pharmaceutical or Culinary Compound, the dose will take 2 minutes to heal you instead of the usual 1 minute. You may still be Accelerated as normal, but that will simply take your healing time back down to normal parameters.

Sworn Enemy

Cost: 4 Points

You have an ongoing rivalry with one particular nemesis. The hatred that flows between you could be legendary, should anyone care to tell your tale. Whatever this person did to you, or visa versa, the bad blood between you is not likely to be vindicated until one of you is finally dead.

Mechanics: This person must be named and thoroughly explained in your Character Background History, including an explanation of what happened that made you become such bitter enemies. If you encounter this person in play, you may react accordingly as you feel is appropriate to your character’s reactions. You can play this off as an icy scowling stare or an outright attack against that party. Either way, your hatred for that person should be blatantly obvious to anyone around you. You may actively try to undermine that person’s endeavors, but he or she may also do the same to you at any moment. While it may be possible to strike an uneasy truce for a time, you both know it will never last.


Cost: 2 Points

You are, for whatever reason, innately superstitious. Whether it is one particular tradition, or a series of them that you adhere to, you just know that something bad will happen if you break from tradition and ignore your gut instincts.

Mechanics: This Disadvantage is what we commonly refer to as a “self fulfilling prophecy”. The nature of your superstition(s) should be detailed in your Character Background History, as well as an explanation of how you came to prescribe to them. Perhaps your grandmother believed in them and taught you, or you came about them from your own observations of the world, finding patterns in the coincidences around you. Should you fail to adhere to your personal superstitions, you will be temporarily cursed with Bad Luck for 10 minutes after breaking your tradition.

Some examples of common Othonian superstitions are listed below, but there are far too many to list here. You may also invent your own personal superstition too, if you prefer. You must choose at least one superstition to follow vehemently, but you may follow as many as you like. Be aware, however, you may only garner 2 points from this Disadvantage, no matter how many superstitions you hold to.

  • you must cast spilled salt over your shoulder to bring good luck
  • you must immediately bury a broken mirror to prevent bad luck
  • you must never cross the path of a black cat
  • you must ask permission of the dead before walking on their graves
  • you must never tell of a bad dream before breakfast or it will come true


Cost: 4 Points

You have built up a tolerance to Apothecary and Culinary Compounds.

Mechanics: You must use two doses of any Compound to accomplish its usual effect. This does not apply to any poisons or other damaging effects, only to Compounds that fall under the categories of intoxicants, healing draughts, buffs, or protectives.

Tone Deaf

Cost: 4 Points

Everyone loves music, but there are those gifted with a golden voice and then there are those who could not carry a tune in a bucket. While your passion for performing might never dim, your skill for notes can be rather lackluster at times. You are fascinated with those possessing musical skill and cannot resist listening to that which you cannot perform.

Mechanics: If you choose to do anything with performance or bardic magic you cannot sing or play an instrument, instead having to use poetry or dance. You lack all sense of pitch and anything that requires musical skill is beyond you. You take double effect from voice and musical effects.

Weak Spirit

Cost: 8 Points

Your spirit is inherently weak, and your Silver Cord is thinner than most.

Mechanics: Because your spirit itself is weakened, you take double points from Corruption effects and double the damage and/or result from any Spirit-effecting strike or ability. This may also affect your ability to be resuscitated, as your weak spirit may not be strong enough to reenter your body without help. It also takes half as much damage for a creature of Spirit to sever your Silver Cord (ie: the spirit’s literal tether to its body within the Spirit Realm).

Weakened Immune System

Cost: 6 Points

Your body is constantly in a naturally weakened state, leaving you susceptible to Disease.

Mechanics: All Diseases strike you with halved time and require two doses of Cure to heal. Lesser Diseases kill you in 30 minutes (instead of the usual 1 hour) and Greater Diseases kill you in 5 minutes (instead of 10 minutes). Fatal Diseases still take effect instantly, but like all Diseases they require 2 doses (or double time) of the appropriate Healing measure in order to Cure your body prior to attempting resuscitation with Lightning in a Jar. This includes double time from all Nausea effects.

Cultural Disadvantages

You may only take Disadvantages in this section that are from your character's Culture or Subculture.


Cost: 8 Points

Must be from the Amari’z Culture. Everything can be measured, weighed, and observed, and you are a Man, or Woman, of Science! You are not so easily swayed by the claims of magic or taken in by mere superstitious rituals. You are above such primitive fascinations and fears.

Mechanics: While conscious, positive magic has no effect on you. Your mind refuses to allow your body to feel the effects, resulting in it rejecting the magic. Likewise, you refuse to partake in any rituals, viewing them as silly and superstitious, and thus you deal with Elementals and Avatars with disbelief and skepticism.


Cost: 10 Points

Must be from the Na’vari’z Culture. You are not alone in your body. For some reason, be it a failed ritual, ancestor, restless dead, etc. you have a spirit of the dead living with you inside your body. Sometimes it takes control over your actions. You are both aware of what goes on, but you cannot control when it takes over.

Mechanics: Plot will tell you when to switch and what goals the spirit has at that time.

Ejherian Curse

Cost: 8 Points

Must be from the Ejherian Culture. You have done the unthinkable, either accidentally or on purpose - you have stolen from the dead, or perhaps desecrated a tomb. Regardless of what you did, a mummy’s curse is now upon you. These curses can manifest in different ways, and are known to change when one least suspects them.

Mechanics: At the beginning of each event see Plot. They will assign you one of the following disadvantages for the weekend: Bad Luck, Slow Healer, Weakened Immune System, Weak Spirit, Nightmares, Pain Intolerance, Lame, Fast Bleeder, Allergy, or Plot Chosen Disadvantage. This will stack with chosen disadvantages, doubling their effects.


Cost: 4 Points

Must be from the Lucciella Culture. You never got your sea legs, and aren’t comfortable on a ship. You take a Natural Nausea effect for the duration of your journey aboard any seafaring vessel. This may be countered by an appropriate Pharmaceutical dose or Culinary portion.


Cost: 4 Points

Must be from the Maerisius Culture. Through proud upbringing, propaganda, and/or sheer grandstanding of the nation, you have a magnified view of your culture’s importance in the grand scheme of Othonia. You feel your people are the best and brightest the world has to offer, and no one and nothing can tell you otherwise.

Mechanics: You are so loyal and so trusting that you would risk just about anything, including your life, to further your nation’s image. If they ever did betray you, your entire world would come crashing down. Likewise, whenever another nation appears superior to yours through action, word, or deed, you take a Nausea effect for one minute until you have either corrected these gross assumptions, or rationalized how your nation is still superior.


Cost: 6 Points

Must be from the Pyralis Subculture. You are supposed to come back with your shield held high, or on it. Instead you came back without it at all. At some point in your past you laid down your arms rather than fight, making you Disgraced amongst your people, as well as having been branded physically on the face as a coward for all to see. All nations recognize this symbol (phys-rep is a lower-case delta symbol δ for deilós) as the sign of a Pyralian coward.

Falling Off the Wagon

Cost: 3 Points

Must be from the Rhukichii Culture. You posses a certain peculiarity, addiction, habit, or mannerism that certain familia find highly offensive. They look upon you with distaste as your mere presence offends their sensibilities. Thus you are unwelcome amongst them and even singled out for their displeasure when the opportunity arises.  

Mechanics: This works as a Guild Enmity only for one of the Rhukichii Familia. This can be taken multiple times for each of the four families.


Cost: 4 Points

Must be from the Tecuanitzl Culture. Blood is life. You believe that if you do not spill blood each night, the Sun will not rise in the morning. All rituals, meditations, divinations, etc. that you perform must include blood in some fashion. Further, you believe that eating the heart, liver, brain, and/or other organs of your enemy will grant you their power.

Matriarchal Mentality

Cost: 4 Points

Must be from the Itzcali Subculture. You believe women are superior in every way, and will always defer to the highest ranking woman in any group or situation. This can be a problem if the highest ranking female around is the enemy.


Cost: 4 Points

Must be from the Vikaa’ran Culture. Your mouth writes checks your skillset can’t cash. Honor demands you try however. You must use a Mental Resist to prevent running off at the mouth at inopportune times. Once your word is given, however, you must try to find a way to accomplish your claim. If you cannot, you will suffer the effects of Cowardly until reset, and will in general feel embarrassed.

Imperial Disgrace

Cost: 5 or 10 Points

Must be from the Sheng Tai Culture. You are disgraced, and of one of the lowest castes:

The Wardens of Clay (aka Citizens Third Class, 5 pts) consist of disgraced individuals, petty criminals, people from outside of Sheng Tai that have been deemed non-dangerous and persons that do not contribute to society in any particularly meaningful way; however, they cannot be killed or punished without reason.

The Dust Eaters (aka Non-People, 10 pts) consists of hardened criminals, bandits, outsiders deemed dangerous to Sheng Tai and other such persons.  Unlike Third-Class Citizens, non-people have no rights of any kind and may be enslaved, killed or otherwise persecuted without cause or recourse. Unlike the other tiers of the Perfected Hierarchy a Dust Eater may never advance their station except by direct command of the Emperor; something that is extremely unlikely and has happened only twice in the Empire’s history.

Racial Disadvantages

You may only take Disadvantages in this section that are appropriate for your character's race, as listed in the descriptions.

Physical Disadvantages

Damaged Wings - 2 Points - Must be a race that possesses wings. Your wings do not work, either due to a birth defect, their size, wilted by lack of magic, or you are simply a non-flying variety of creature with wings. For whatever reason, your wings do not work, and you cannot possess or acquire any of the Flight Advantages.

Mange/ Hairless - 2 Points - Miu, Kaliska, or other furred race. Where most of your kind’s coats are clean and full yours is thin and balding in spots. This leaves you with a bedraggled and spotty appearance. Must still have ears, nose makeup, and tail.


Hooded - 4 Points - Cocohtl Only. When you are hooded, covered or have your sight cut off and fall into darkness you find yourself going calm as your instincts react to the lack of visual stimuli.

Mechanics: Take an auto Calm effect whenever cast into darkness by a hood, blanket or other apparatus. This does not affect Blind as you will react to perceived attacks to defend yourself.


Banished from the Dreaming - 10 Points - Fayren Only. You have angered the Dream Council to the point that they have Banished you from the Dreaming. You are unable to enter the Dreaming (even being escorted), see into the Dreaming, or interact with the Dreaming in any way. If you have taken this Disadvantage, you may not take Dreamwalker, Dream Magic, or Dreamsight. Further, if you are taken by a Nightmare, you must be rescued directly to the Mortal Realm, and may not come through the Dreaming to escape.

Subservient - 2 Points - Fayren Only. Magic may have returned to the world, but the sting of failure is slow to fade. While most Fayren are no longer indentured servants, the guilt still lingers leaving you with a tendency to defer to others and reluctant to take charge lest you bring ruin upon the world once more.


Exoticist - 2 or 4 Points - Human Only.

Level 1 - 2 Points - As one of the most numerous races you are a face in the crowd striving always to distinguish yourself from your peers. You look upon other races and their distinct appearances with fascination admiring such features as wings, fur, feathers, tails, horns, hair or skin color. Preferring one such race or species and their features above others leaving you more inclined to listen to and admire them.

Level 2 - 4 Points - You love this chosen race so much that you find it hard to not immediately do anything they ask of you. You must blow a Mental Resist to prevent yourself from automatically fulfilling their wishes.

Fire in the Blood - 6 Points -  Human Only. When the elements shifted and your blood’s natural attunement shifted from Light to Fire, your body didn’t adapt as well as others. When you become angered your blood actually boils, causing a Greater Pain (1 minute) effect. This can be mitigated to a normal Pain (10 second) effect by using a Pain Resist or a Mental Resist, or being Calmed. If unmitigated and the effect continues past one minute, you begin taking wounds at the rate of one per minute.


Short Attention - Squirrel! - 8 Points - Kaliska Only. You are very easily distracted. Whenever you are attempting to focus, either during Meditation, using a concentration effect, etc. any distraction will immediately draw your attention and end the effect unless you blow a Mental Resist.

Territorial - 2 Points - Kaliska Only. You grow irritated and aggressive when places, people, or things, that you consider your territory are disrespected, giving a warning growl against those you do not consider pack or lashing out should the issue continue to be pushed.


Curiosity - 6 Points - Miu Only. Your curious nature gets you in trouble. Whenever faced with a mystery, a temptation, etc. you must use a Mental Resist to prevent yourself from immediately pursuing your curiosity. Even then, you will likely come back later if able.

De-clawed - 2 or 4 Points - Miu Only

Partially De-clawed - 2 Points - Whether you were born without them or had them forcibly removed you lack your races signature claws on your hands.

Fully De-Clawed - 4 Points - Whether you were born without them or had them forcibly removed you lack your races signature claws on both your hands and feet. While you have learned to cope this often makes climbing difficult for you and standing for long periods of time leaves your feet aching and tender.


Inertia - 10 Points - Ragnar Only. You are so solidly part of the earth, you find moving quickly difficult. Falldown effects take twice as long to recover from, and you are unable to use Haste or other speed effects. Further, you are unable to Dodge out of the way of attacks without immediately taking an unresistable Falldown effect.

Nubs - 2 Points - Ragnar or half Ragnar only. You lack the large imposing horns of your people either because you lost them in battle to an enemy or they simply never grew in properly. However, their lack singles you out among your race as a less than impressive specimen, forever leaving you lacking among your own kind.


Closed Gills - 6 Points - Syrene Only. Whether your sensitive gills were damaged, simply never quite functioned right to begin with, or you spent far too long away from water, they now no longer function. You, unlike most Syrene, do not possess the ability to breathe beneath the waves, even with your birthing shell.

Heat Susceptibility - 2 Points - Syrene Only. Your body, more so than most Syrene, is acclimated to the cool temperatures of the depths. When exposed to intense heat you grow lethargic and thirsty, finding it hard to function until you cool off. If you take this in conjunction with Heat allergy if you are warm enough to sweat you are warm enough to trigger the allergy.


Artificial Lifeform - 2 Points - Tickers Only. In some fashion you act in a way that is not quite right: either robotic speech, jerky mechanical movements, or literal interpretations of colloquialisms. This may be taken multiple times but each quirk must be specified.

Inefficient Power Source - 8 Points - Tickers Only. You are unable to process mana correctly, thus any time you use mana, be it to cast spells, activate items, etc. you must spend double the points of mana.