Appendix: Advantages & Disadvantages
Quick reference for Ads and Disads.

Appendix: Character Creation
For new Players and PCs.

Appendix: Culture & Race Advantages
Quick reference for Culture, Subculture, and Racial Advantages

Appendix: Firearms
Pre-Approved Firearms phys-rep list

Appendix: Gemforge Imbueing
Gemforge Inbueing Chart

Appendix: Guilds and Skills
Quick reference for all the Guilds and Skills.

Appendix: Magic and Rituals
Quick reference for magic schools, spells (Circle 1-3), and rituals.

Appendix: Production List
Quick reference for crafting recipes level 1 - 3.

Appendix: Skill and Tagline Codes
List of the Tag lines and Skills used.

Appendix: Starting Gold
Spend your starting coin with this.

Appendix: Terms to Know
Definitions of commonly used terminology.

Appendix: Weapon Statistics
List of weapons, phys-rep requirements, and special notes.

100 Question Character Background Survey
Worth 5 CCP or EXP. Please email to
100 Questions CB Survey.docx
Microsoft Word document [13.5 KB]