Chapter 2: Combat, Etiquette, and Safety Rules


As Holds are the most important rule and safety feature of the game, we will cover this issue first and foremost.  If you hear a Hold called, you must IMMEDIATELY stop all movement and conversation and take a knee.  If for whatever reason you feel that you cannot safely take a knee you may sit, squat, hunch over, or place your weapons over your head and keep your head bowed throughout the Hold.  

Examples of this include when the ground is cold/wet/muddy, you have a medical condition or injury that prevents you being able to kneel, there are fire ants or poison ivy around, etc.  Holds are generally called for safety issues, potential injuries, Plot information, and rules clarification.  Anyone may call a Hold if there is a significant safety or rules issue that must be addressed, or if a player is hurt or in danger of being hurt.  Holds may also be called if the safety of one's property is in question.  An example would be if someone loses their glasses, or if someone is holding a fragile or valuable item (such as a musical instrument or a glass vase) that must be placed in a safe location to avoid damage.  When all issues are resolved, everyone must return to their “frozen” position in order to resume play.

If a member of Plot is present he or she will ask "Are all issues resolved?"  If all are agreed, the Plot member and ONLY the Plot member will then call "Three-Two-One: Lay On" in order for play to resume.  If there is no Plot member present, the person who called the Hold may call the “Lay On” if and ONLY if there are no safety or injury issues involved.    If there is a serious safety hazard (such as a large hole, steep cliff, etc) then a member of Plot needs to be summoned to evaluate the situation, mark the hazardous area, and move the combat to a safe location.  In those cases, only the summoned Plot member may call the “Lay On” once the injured party or safety issue is removed or otherwise resolved.  Because of this crucial safety rule, you should never say "hold" or "hold on"  in play, as it can be easily misinterpreted, and will lead to unnecessary delays and confusion.  Please use phrases like "hang on" or "please wait" instead.

Medic VS Healer

While Dark Passages does everything within its power to keep everyone safe, occasionally there could be a need for medical assistance.  As with any outdoor athletic activity, things like twisted ankles, cuts, heat related issues, etc. may occur.  In the unlikely event that something like this happens, a “Hold” will be called, and everyone should follow the Hold procedures as listed above.  At that time, a MEDIC should also be called.  There will be members of staff and/or PC's who are properly trained in appropriate real life medical skills to handle the situation.  Please refrain from interfering unless specifically directed by the Medic(s) on the scene.  If you are injured (wounded) in play DO NOT CALL MEDIC! The appropriate term for in-play injuries (wounds) is HEALER.

Simply put:  Medic = Out-of-Play Medical Emergency / Healer = In-Play Pretend Wound(s)

Never use the term Medic in play.  We cannot stress this enough, as it is a major safety, health, and liability issue.  If a player is injured out of play, you must call a Hold immediately.  If it is a minor injury (such as a groin shot, twisted ankle, etc) the player who is hurt may either take a moment to steady themselves or may remove themselves from the combat area, at their discretion.  If the injured party chooses to shake it off, once they are ready to resume combat, only the injured party or a member of Plot may call the Lay On.  If a Plot member is present they must always be the one to call a Lay On.  If you are hurt or shaken up bad enough to leave combat, you must be checked by a Medic prior to reentering play.  If you take a minor head shot and choose to shake it off, you must still notify a Medic and/or member of Plot at the earliest opportunity as soon as the combat is over.  This is for your safety, as adrenaline will not always allow the injured person to determine the severity of a sprain, head shot, etc.  In the case of any head shot, you will be watched closely by all Plot members and Medics for the duration of game to be sure you are not exhibiting symptoms of a concussion.  Once a Medic clears you to resume play, you may do so as normal.  

When a serious injury is involved (broken bone, severe sprain, bleeding, heat exhaustion, etc) everyone who is not a Medic should move away from the injured player so that help can get to them right away.  The Medic will determine if the person can be safely treated on site or if he or she needs to be taken to a hospital.  If it is something that is obviously urgent and life threatening (severe trauma, excessive bleeding, compound fracture, etc) you should call 911 if possible and call a Medic for triage.  As a player, you should know your own limits, so please use your common sense when it comes to any and all injuries.  We want everyone to be safe and have fun.  You should never ever push yourself so hard at a game that you risk permanent injury or serious illness.  This includes making sure you keep yourself warm and dry at cold weather events and stay cool and well-hydrated in hot weather.


Some spells and abilities require concentration in order to activate them.  The amount of time needed depends on the specific skill.  While concentrating, you may say your spell verbals or taglines, but you cannot be performing any other actions, or this will break your concentration.  Any action taken against you WILL interrupt your concentration.

If you are Critical or Healing, you CANNOT concentrate.

If you are preparing to enter another realm, you must Concentrate for one minute and then include a Three Second count to crossover.  "Going into the Dreaming 1, Going into the Dreaming 2, Going into the Dreaming 3."  If any spell effects, packet or otherwise, melee attacks, or skills effect you during this count, the crossover fails and you MUST remain in the current realm.