General Conduct and Etiquette

We ask that all staff members and participants adhere to our Code of Conduct.  Failure to do so can result in Sportsmanship warnings and being asked to leave the event.

1:  Dark Passages is a game based in the honor system.  It is your responsibility, as a participant, to adhere to all rules and policies at all times.  We understand that sometimes it is easy to become confused, especially in fast paced combat situations, but intentional cheating or rule breaking will not be tolerated.  If you think that someone is intentionally or repetitively cheating, please notify a Plot member immediately.  The issue will be fully investigated and dealt with swiftly if the allegations are found to be true.  If it is a minor issue, such as not taking a hit, calling an invalid protective, etc, you may point out to them (nicely) what they are doing wrong to bring it to their attention.  Most instances like this are not truly cheating, it is simply honest confusion about the rules or the situation.  

There are a lot of rules to keep track of, especially for new players, so some leniency is necessary on minor or first-time offenses.  If the situation continues once they have been informed of the issue, please notify a Plot member immediately.  Repeated offenses may result in Formal Warnings, Game Suspensions, or permanent Banishment from all events, depending on the nature and severity of the offenses.  If it becomes necessary to permanently Ban someone from events, which we hope, of course, never comes to pass, the matter will be handled with the police if the person refuses to leave or arrives at any future event.  Only the most grievous offenses, like those listed below in #2 and #3 below, are likely to result in permanent Banishment.


2:  Dark Passages Productions has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY on illegal drugs, alcohol, and real life weapons.  If you are caught with illegal drugs, alcohol, or weapons on site WE WILL CALL THE POLICE.  This is a legal and liability issue for the game as a whole, and one person's lapse in judgment could result in the entire game being banned from a park or worse.  If you are caught with a weapon you will be escorted to your car and observed at all times until you drive off site.  If you refuse to leave, the police will be called immediately.  We do not consider kitchen utensils, craft/exact-o knives, or pocket knives to be weapons under this policy, however wielding any of these in an unsafe manner will result in the item being confiscated by Plot until the end of the event.  Any player caught doing so will receive a Formal Warning.  Any real firearm or any blade over 6 inches that does not belong in a kitchen will be considered a weapon under this policy.  If you are caught on site with illegal weapons, you will be reported to the proper authorities immediately.  If you are arrested, you will be Banned from all future Dark Passage Productions events.  If you are not arrested, you will be asked to leave the event immediately, will be escorted off site, and will receive a three game Suspension.  If you are caught a second time you will be Banned from all future events.

Please note: this policy pertains only to illegal weapons.

If you have a valid Carry Permit which allows you to carry a concealed firearm in the state in which the event is being held, we can not, legally, require you to relinquish your weapon. We ask, as a courtesy, and for safety reasons, that you please leave the weapon locked in your vehicle at all times while on site. Some state and national parks are considered Gun-Free Zones, and it is your responsibility to check the parks’ policies in advance of all events. We can not interfere with your legal right to carry with a proper permit, however please realize: firearms make many people feel nervous and uncomfortable, and if hit by a Boffer weapon they could be damaged or knocked free of their holster, resulting in potential panic. For this reason and this reason alone we beg you to please refrain from carrying a firearm on site even if you are within your legal rights to do so.

If you are caught with alcohol on site you will be escorted to your car and asked to leave immediately.  You will receive a three game Suspension.  A second offense will result in permanent Banishment from all future events.  If we find you have provided any to a minor the police will be called and you will be detained until their arrival.  Contributing to the delinquency of a minor will result in immediate Banishment from all future events.

If you are caught with illegal drugs on site, the police will be called and you will be detained by Plot until they arrive.  We will leave it up to the police to investigate such matters.  Anyone who is arrested for possession will be Banned from the game permanently.  If you are not arrested, you will be asked to leave site immediately, and will receive a three game Suspension.  We cannot and will not make any exceptions to this rule whatsoever.

If you are caught with items in your cabin, everyone in that cabin will be at risk of being Banned, so if you know that your friend is bringing these items to game and do not report them you are just as guilty.  If the police become involved and believe that the cabin mates were unaware of the activity, they will be allowed to return once their names and reputations are cleared in the eyes of the law.  If you participate in such activities and do not feel that you can do without your fix for one weekend, please refrain from coming to our events.  We do not want to be the cause of sending a friend to jail, however we cannot allow one person to jeopardize the future or reputation of the entire game.

If you have legal prescription strength medication or painkillers on site, please immediately notify a Plot member upon arrival.  Our medics need to know that you are on these medications in order to properly and safely treat you if there is an accident, especially if it is not a regularly taken medication indicated on your safety forms.  We will not ask why or demand details, or share personal health information in any way, however, please understand that we need to be aware of any medications for your safety in the event you are incapacitated and must be treated or hospitalized.  If you are on a prescription that makes you drowsy, dizzy, or otherwise unsafe for combat situations, please know your limits, and use your common sense before engaging in such.  We encourage anyone on heavy medications to go Orange-Headband for the event for the safety of everyone involved.  It could also become a liability issue if the prescription medications were to go missing or be stolen.  We cannot file a police report on your behalf if we were not aware the medication was on site and legitimately obtained via a doctor's prescription.

The only exception to this rule is if you are a public servant (police/fireman/EMT/military/etc) and/or you have a valid conceal carry permit in the state where the event is located.  In this case, you must go through all proper channels in adhering to State and Local Laws, Park Policies, and DPP event policies.  You may bring a weapon on site ONLY if it is legal to do so in that state/county/city/park, and ONLY if you notify Plot upon arrival that the weapon is on site and where it is being kept.  It may only be kept locked and out of sight in a vehicle.  Absolutely NO real firearms are to be carried on your person or kept in your cabin on site for any reason whatsoever.  Please understand that we do so for the safety of everyone on site.  Not everyone is familiar with gun safety, and we do not believe in taking any chances with the safety of our players and staff.

In the extremely unlikely event that you have a valid, legitimate, and legal job-related reason that you must have a loaded firearm on your person at all times (a feasible example would be if you are a Federal Marshal and a witness in your protective custody wanted to come play) we ask that you please contact Plot privately in advance with a brief explanation of the situation, and be prepared to show proper paperwork/badge/etc. privately and discreetly upon arrival to site.  In those very rare cases, we will at least take the matter into consideration before making a final decision.


3:  There should be no touching or physical contact between players without both parties' express permission.  The only exception to this under general rules is combat, in which contact with another person is only permitted via approved weapons.  As a matter of etiquette, even if you are going to heal someone, you should always ask "do you mind if I touch you" before doing so.  We understand that friends who are comfortable around each other may not need to ask this every time, but if you do not know the person well, please simply ask as a matter of courtesy.  Never assume that just because that person was OK with it yesterday that they will be today, or under different circumstances.  People who are OK with being mock-stitched might not be OK with a hug or a pat on the back.  Please be aware of this, and be courteous towards others.  Do not ever touch someone in an inappropriate or unwelcome fashion.  If you accidentally bump into or touch someone, observe common manners and apologize or say excuse me.


4:  Any intentional aggressive, threatening, or violent physical act against another person out of play will result in immediate disciplinary action by a member of Plot.  If the confrontation is verbal, and does not come to shoving or blows, but is clearly a strictly out of play conflict, both parties will be separated and will immediately receive a Formal Warning.  If either party argues with the Plot member, he or she will be asked to leave site immediately for the remainder of the event until they calm down.  If the argument involves threats of any kind, both parties will be immediately separated and escorted off site, and both will receive an equal three game suspension.  Even threats of violence, death, etc will not be tolerated.  

If the conflict does become physical and comes to shoving or blows of any kind, the one who initiated the fight will be permanently banned from all future events.  If the victim was instigating or inflaming the situation in any way, the Plot member will investigate and determine if suspension and/or banishment is warranted.  If the victim is rendered serious injury or requests to press charges, we will call the police immediately and let the professionals determine who, if anyone, should be charged.  Violent physical confrontation on an out of play basis WILL NOT BE TOLERATED WHATSOEVER.  If you cannot control your personal temper and cannot draw the line between fantasy and reality, then a LARP is not the place for you to spend your time.


5:  Keeping in play and out of play issues separate is VERY important.  As with any total-immersion activity, there is a very firm line drawn between in play and out of play issues.  If two characters are screaming at each other over an in play confrontation, both parties should be careful to address the other party by their character's name so that there can be no confusion or misinterpretation.  Just because two characters are screaming at each other or come to blows does NOT mean that their players are having any issues at all. 

If you cannot tell the difference between in play and out of play DO NOT COME TO OUR EVENTS.  People who cannot distinguish the game from real life can be a danger to themselves and others.  Things that happen in play should never be taken personally by a player, and should never be held against someone out of play.  Likewise, things that happen out of play should NEVER enter the game world at all.  Most LARPers come to events seeking relief from the stress of everyday life, and a temporary escape from their problems.  No one should ever feel as if another party is making them as a person feel unwelcome at our events.  Everyone has a right to attend, and all in attendance have the right to have a good time.  If you do not feel that you can escape into the game and pretend the person you dislike is someone else for the weekend, please stay home until you can safely do so.  A person's character should never be targeted because the players have a conflict outside of the game.  Such behavior will result in a Formal Warning if it comes to our attention.  Continued offenses or instances may result in suspension or banishment for the safety of everyone involved.

If someone is making you feel this way or upsetting you out of play in any way, please notify a Plot member immediately and explain why.  We will look into the matter right away.  Likewise, if you have a problem with another player that arises during the game (smoking in non-designated areas, littering, acting or speaking out of play in an offensive manner, excessive out of play talking by neighbors while you are trying to sleep, etc) please come and notify Plot if you feel that you cannot or do not wish to work it out yourself.  We will look into it and take any action necessary to resolve the problem to everyone's satisfaction to the best of our abilities.


6:  On a similar note, please try to keep out of play conversations or comments during game to a minimum.  If you must say something and cannot find a way to rephrase it to say it in play, please do so very softly or out of earshot of the rest of town so as not to break suspension of disbelief for others.  Please try to preserve the atmosphere of the game and world for others as much as possible.  We find it is helpful to refer to cars as wagons, Plot's radios as Wayfarer Communication Stones, and people moving about out of play as Haunts in order to not break character when referring to or witnessing them.

Anyone out of play (with weapons/hands above their head or wearing a white headband) is considered a Haunt in play.  They are visible, intangible, mindless Spirits that cannot be controlled or communicated with in any way, even by a Medium.  If you try, they will call No Effect to everything and simply go about their business.  If you see a Haunt out of the corner of your eye, you simply see a mindless Haunt wandering as if lost.  Also, if you are going to Monster Town to do your monster time, you may mention to friends that you are "going to see your Guildmaster" for training, or to work your Guild shift.  That way our players don't have to make up silly explanations for common occurrences and situations.


7:  There are certain touchy and questionable subjects that are strictly prohibited in play and at Dark Passages Productions' events.  These include rape, sexual harassment, incest, pedophilia, and animal cruelty.  These subjects are touchy, in poor taste, and offensive.  Discussing them or joking about them will not be tolerated in or out of play, nor may they be included in your character history.  If you wish to play a tragic and traumatized character, you may certainly allude to abuse in general, but please do not go into inappropriate detail.  Sexual harassment or any reference thereof will not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form in or out of play.  Please remember that everyone interprets things differently.  One person may be OK with a wolf-whistle, another may feel it is harassment.  Any allegations of sexual harassment will be investigated fully, and will result immediately in a Formal Warning if allegations are found to be true.  Repeat offenses will result in suspension and/or banishment, depending on the severity of the offense.

Torture and murder are not expressly prohibited as subject material, and may be encountered or referenced in play when dealing with some of our darker Plot lines, but the in-play cultures and society do not condone such things, nor will engaging in such activities in play be without severe consequences.  While there may be animalistic "monsters" that you have to kill or destroy for your character or the town's survival, such acts will never involve the cruel and unnecessary torture or suffering of such unintelligent creatures.


8:  In the extremely unlikely event that a celebrity (musician, actor, media personality, author, etc) were to come to one of our events, please be courteous and treat them just like everybody else on site.  There have been invitations extended to personal friends in various walks of life, some of whom may be locally recognizable.  If you see or think you see anyone you recognize, please be respectful and do not ask for autographs/photos/etc.  If they show up, it is because they too wish to escape reality and be a hero or a monster for the weekend.  They are people just like us, so please respect their personal space and privacy.  Any attempt to harass another player in any way will result in a Formal Warning.  If they are gracious enough to accept our invitations, we will see to it that they receive the same quality event as everybody else who attends.