General Safety

1:  All weapons must be checked by a Safety Marshal prior to being used in our game.  Safety is our first and primary concern.  All weapons must be made according to the Dark Passages Weapon Creation Guidelines, which can be found in the rule book and on our website.  All Plot members (aka: Wayfarers) are Safety Marshals, and other on-site Safety Marshals will be introduced at opening ceremonies each event.  All Dark Passages Productions events are play at your own risk.  Like any full contact sport or outdoor activity there is always a risk of injury.  To lessen this risk, you should be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to nearby terrain at all times.

2:  All new players must attend a safety briefing and must sign a Safety and Conduct Waiver prior to entering play at their first event.  This will be done before Game On, or may be done by any Plot member if a new player arrives after Game On is called.  By signing this, all participants agree to adhere to all game rules and regulations.

3:  Plot members and staff will thoroughly walk each event site upon arrival prior to Game On at every event.  Safety hazards will be marked with obvious safety tape, safety cones, surveyors' flags, red lights, red glow sticks, etc.  If you see red warning tape/flags/lights DO NOT ENTER THAT AREA UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!  If you see an area that we have missed that you feel is unsafe and should be marked, please notify a member of Plot or a Safety Marshal immediately.  Spare safety marker supplies will be kept in the Tavern, Monster Town, and Plot Cabin.  Please be wary of trip hazards, such as logs and stumps, holes, roots, and other uneven terrain.  Other areas that may be marked are low hanging branches, steep ditches, cliffs, etc.

4:  If you see combat moving toward one of these unsafe areas, you should call a Hold to have the combat moved to a safer location.  You should also notify a member of Plot or a Safety Marshal so that the safety issue can be marked or cordoned off as appropriate.  If the hazard is already marked with safety flags then you may resume combat once everyone has moved and is aware not to move back toward the hazardous area.  If a Plot member is present, they must call the Lay On.  If no Plot member is present, the person who called the Hold may call the Lay On.

5:  If you encounter snakes or other wild animals, particularly if they are inside a building, move away and close the door immediately.  Leave them alone, and notify a Plot member so that they can call a Park Ranger to have it dealt with or removed.  Trying to handle wild animals of any kind is a liability, and therefore is against park policy.  Doing so could result in expulsion from the park and/or hefty fines for you and/or the entire group/game.

6:  If severe weather threatens the game, Plot will inform you of where to go for shelter at each event site during opening ceremonies.  If the weather situation is bad enough, we will call game until the storm passes.  In the event of lightning, please remain indoors unless absolutely necessary.  Stay away from tall objects such as trees and telephone poles, and keep out of puddles.  If you feel the hair on your arms or neck begin to rise, lightning is about to strike the area.  Bend over at the waist and grab your ankles until the static energy discharges.  In the event of hail, take cover immediately and stay away from windows.  If flash flooding conditions are present, do not enter any areas of standing or flowing water whatsoever, even if you think you know the depth or speed.  In the event of a tornado warning, take shelter immediately.  

If you cannot get to the designated shelter area(s) safely, take cover in your cabin or in a sturdy building, such as the tavern or a bath house, until the storm passes.  If possible, get beneath the beds or tables, cover up, and stay away from glass and heavy objects that could fall or collapse onto you, such as chimneys.  This is particularly important if severe weather occurs at night, as you cannot see to tell if it's safe to venture out.  If you are trapped outside during a tornado, stay low to the ground, get into a ditch/hole/low-lying area whenever possible, and keep your head and face covered.  NEVER take shelter inside a vehicle or trailer of any kind.  

There will be a emergency weather radio in the Tavern and one in Monster Town.  Any inclement weather situations will be closely monitored for the safety of our players and staff alike, and we will keep you appraised of the situation as information becomes available.  If you are not comfortable staying in your cabin and can make it safely to Monster Town or Tavern, those will be the rally points.  You can always check in at either location to be kept appraised of the weather situation, or any Plot member with a radio can call either location for an update at any time.