Chapter 11: Combat System and Armor

When facing an opponent, in combat, please be aware that hands, feet, head, and groin are NOT LEGAL TARGET AREAS. The safety reasons behind this should be self explanatory. If you get hit in these areas accidentally, you are not required to take the damage or effect, unless you wish to do so for dramatic purposes. You may not purposefully target hands, as it can cause the defender to inadvertently throw his or her weapon, and targeting feet can cause a severe trip hazard. Head and groin shots are just painful and discourteous. Everyone should realize these things do happen from time to time, but anyone who purposefully targets illegal areas will be pulled for poor Sportsmanship. People who receive repeated complaints, who are targeting illegal areas regularly and purposefully, will be dealt with according to our Sportsmanship guidelines, and may be asked to leave the event or leave the game entirely, depending on the circumstances behind the attack(s) and the severity of the offense.

Damage dealt per strike is determined by the base damage of the weapon (1 if 1-hands or 2 if 2-handed). To that, additional damage points may be added based on Martial School bonuses, weapon bonuses, Strength effects, skills, and crafted items.

Any character may use any weapon at any time, with the exception of ranged and missile weapons. The rationale for this is that anyone can pick up a sharp weapon and point it at an incoming enemy, or smack them with a blunt object (ie: staff, mace, etc). To be any good with said weapon, you have to have training and practice, which is where the Martial Schools come into play. In order to use any sort of combat maneuvers (tagline effects) that are not governed by the Guilds and Skills section, you simply must have the benefit of training to be effective. Some people do have natural talent (see the "Self Taught" section under Martial Schools) but those combat skills fall under Martial Skills for the sake of simplicity.

Harvesting VS Searching

Once a creature is dead, players will have the opportunity to search or harvest the dead.  Harvesting is a more advanced version of searching.  Typically searching is a role play element where any player describes how they are searching the body in order to find coin or other items of interest left on the body.  Harvesting requires the Harvest Game skill (Woodsman) and takes 1 minute and will grant you anything you could search for in addition to anything you can harvest.

Safety and Phys Reps

All physical representations (phys reps) must be safety checked prior to play, and must be approved by a member of Plot or a designated Safety Martial prior to use at each event. If your weapon/shield/armor is physically broken out of play, a hold must be called immediately, and the broken equipment must be removed from the combat scene or handed off to a Martial for safe keeping. Any weapon or shield phys rep that is physically cracked or damaged in the course of play must be retired immediately to an out of play area, such as your vehicle, plot cabin, tavern, etc. If left in your personal cabin, it should be placed in a designated out of play area, as specified on your cabin notes. Any armor that is broken in play must be immediately evaluated by a safety martial if there is any question about the armor's continued safety. Armor that is cracked or damaged in such a way that sharp or jagged edges are present must be removed from play immediately until repaired out of play.

If your weapon/shield/armor is destroyed/broken/breached in play, it must be dropped, set aside, and/or removed as soon as safety permits. "Broken" weapons should be dropped immediately, and should be carried in a non-combat stance once retrieved, until such time as they are repaired in play. "Broken" or "Destroyed" shields may not be used again until they are repaired or reconstructed in play. Prior to setting it aside, any additional blow that strikes a broken shield goes through to the arm that is carrying it. When set aside, they should be placed in a location that is not easily accessible to other players or marked/labeled appropriately to prevent any confusion as to their usability. "Broken" armor may be worn, however it will not grant you any protective value until it is repaired in play. Armor that is destroyed should be removed as soon as possible and should be set aside in a designated out of play area until such time as it is able to be reconstructed in play.

Weapon Attunement

A practitioner may become so skilled with his weapon of choice that he bonds to the specific weapon.  Weapon Attunements can be performed by a Ritualist or through other FOIP means, the results which are also FOIP and dependant upon the item in question.  Weapon attunment levels reach up to Level 5,and you can only go as high in your Attunement level as you can in your Martial Style.  If your martial style allows the use of two weapons (I.E. short swords) you can bond with them as a matching set, however, the set funtions as one weapon for the purposes of abilities.  You will not recieve +2 damage when attuned to a pair of Ruby Short Swords, but just the standard +1 damage.


Blade Dancer Level 3
Attuned Weapon: Pair of Hardened Silver Short Swords
Attuned Level: Up to Level 3

You can only be attuned to one weapon/weapon set and to one item.  Starting characters cannot begin game being attuned to a weapon or item.

Gemforge Item Innate Abilities

The following is a list of the innate abilities of the various special materials that can be found in Dark Passages. Please note, that the actual ATTUNED abilities are strictly FOIP, but the innate abilities are commonly known. Please note that the indicated abilities function normally and do not stack with existing abilities unless otherwise stated.  Passive abilities can be used when the player is holding the weapon.  If the weapons were crafted as a matched set instead of two individual weapons, you must be holding the matching set for the effect to take place.

Starting characters CANNOT begin the game with a Gemforged Weapon unless they take the Advantage: Heirloom Item.

Hardened Gold allows the use of the “Sense Concealment” ability while held; this ability ONLY allows the user to sense that something nearby is concealed, it does not reveal the nature of what is concealed or where exactly it is located, only that something or someone nearby is under a concealment affect. Likewise, this does not negate, cancel or otherwise impede the concealment.  The Phys-Rep color is gold.

Hardened Silver allows the use of the “Aura Sight” advantage while held.  The Phys-Rep color is metallic silver or chrome.

Fayren Wood allows the use of the “Light Sleeper” advantage so long as the item remains within 5 foot of the user while they are asleep. Note that this ability does NOT negate the “Heavy Sleeper” disadvantage in any way.  The Phys-Rep color is light brown.

Amethyst allows the use of the “Medium” advantage while held.  The Phys-Rep color is Purple.

Aquamarine allows the use of the “Sea Legs” ability while held.  The Phys-Rep color is light blue.

Citrine creates a light source identical to a “Light Brew” and requires an appropriate phys rep along with 3 seconds to activate or extinguish.  The Phys-Rep color is orange.

Emerald allows the use of the “Natural Immunity” advantage while held.  The Phys-Rep color is forest green.

Garnet allows the use of the “Strong” ability while held.  The Phys-Rep color is burgandy.

Jade allows the use of the “Sense Corruption” ability while held.    The Phys-Rep color is light green.

Obsidian allows the use of the “Enhanced Hearing” advantage while held.    The Phys-Rep color is black.

Rose Quartz adds an additional level to the “Divination” advantage while held to a maximum of 10 levels as per usual; however, this does not add any additional per day USES of Divination, nor does it allow the use of divination by someone who cannot normally use the advantage.  The Phys-Rep color is pink.

Ruby increases the damage of its attacks – including basic attacks – by 1 point when used to strike an opponent; be advised that this only applies to the Ruby item in question. If a person is using two weapons and only one is made of Ruby, the non-Ruby weapon does not benefit from this increased damage.    The Phys-Rep color is red.

Sapphire allows the use of the “Slow Bleeder” advantage while held.    The Phys-Rep color is royal blue.

Topaz allows the use of the “Inhuman Courage” advantage while held.    The Phys-Rep color is yellow.

Turquoise allows the use of the “Sense Emotion” ability while held.    The Phys-Rep color is aqua.