Armor Rules and Construction Guidelines

For simplicity's sake, anyone may wear Light Armor, which includes all 1 and 2 point varieties. To wear Medium Armor (3 and 4 point varieties) or Heavy Armor (5 point varieties) you must purchase the appropriate Armor Skill. This represents the fact that armor is heavy and cumbersome to those who are not trained to properly move in it. At any time, you may upgrade your proficiency in wearing Armor by paying the difference between levels.

Armor Value

Armor can absorb a hit up to it's assigned Armor Value (see chart below). Any damage above the Armor Value goes through to the location hit. (ie: if you have 3 point armor and you take a 5 point strike, your armor absorbs 3 points of damage, leaving 2 points that hit the location struck) The 2 points that go through the armor will then cause a wound to the location hit, unless Toughness or another similar protective is available to further absorb the leftover damage. This represents the blunt force trauma associated with not having sufficient protection to absorb the full strike.


Light Armor: No Cost

Light Armor (1 point, 1 silver) = fur, light leather, nagahyde, heavy cloth trench coat, etc.
Light Armor (2 points, 2 silver) = heavy leather, studded leather, etc.

Medium Armor: 4 CCP or EXP

Medium Armor (3 points, 3 silver) = hardened leather, plated leather, etc.
Medium Armor (4 points, 4 silver) = brigandine, chainmail, etc.

Heavy Armor: 6 CCP or EXP

Heavy Armor (5 points, 5 silver) = plate mail, scale mail, etc.
Crabshell Armor (6 points w/ Threshold, FOIP) = plate mail only (only obtainable in play)


Please note: Corsets will count towards either Light Armor 1 or Medium Armor 3, depending on the construction. If it is a costume or lingerie corset with plastic boning,it will be classified as Light Armor 1. An historically made corset, leather corset, or heavily steel boned modern corset will be classified as Medium Armor 3.

Absorbing Damage

If a hit is absorbed by the armor, the Armor Value temporarily drops by one point, regardless of how many points it absorbed during the strike. Armor Value represents the strength of a single blow that they armor may absorb at one time. Whether it absorbs 1 point or 5 points, the total Value drops by one point after each strike. Thus, with 5 point plate, you may absorb 5 strikes before Breaching your armor, or 4 strikes before you have to Adjust it.

Adjusting Armor

If your Armor Value drops, you may take 1 minute out of combat in order to Adjust your armor, thereby regaining 1 point to its total Value. You may Adjust your armor as many times as you wish, but each point value takes 1 full minute of Adjustment. This represents that you are fiddling with straps and panels in order to cover up the damaged area, reattach rings or plates, tie off loose stitching, etc. Basically, by Adjusting your armor, you are salvaging and repairing it on the fly, much like a Surgeon stabilizes the wounded. For this reason, you may never Adjust your armor back to its full potential, only up to it's original Armor Value minus one. (ie: if you Adjust your 5 point plate mail back up from 1 point, you may Adjust it three times, spending 3 minutes out of combat, and bringing it back to a temporary total Value of 4 points each time. To fully regain its potential benefit, it must be Repaired by an Armorsmith or craftsman, who can take the time necessary to pound out the dents and replace broken pieces while not in the heat of combat.

Breached Armor

If the armor reaches zero points, it has been Breached, at which point it must be Repaired by an Armorsmith before it can regain any points towards its Armor Value. For this reason, Breached armor may not be Adjusted. It need not be removed, but will not gain you any advantage in combat until it is fully Repaired. If an Armorsmith is not available, it may be taken to another craftsman for Repair if the craftsman is skilled in working with the given material. (ie: a Leatherworker may repair leather armor, a Metallurgist may repair metal armor, etc)

Crabshell Armor

Crabshell Armor can absorb low-level strikes indefinitely. Until its Damage Threshold is breached by a hard enough strike, it is nigh impenetrable. Such suits are carved directly from the shells of Greater Crabs, who share such properties during life. Greater Crabs are rarely found on land, generally only after the passing of monstrous storms. During such times, warriors who are brave enough to take the beach risk life and limb attempting to take the creatures down. To gain enough shell for a simple ruby breastplate, one need only kill a single Greater Crab, but to make an entire suit would require five such kills, a feat that very few, to date, have ever accomplished.