There is no Silver Cost to have Unarmed Phys-Reps in play, and they can ONLY be used with the Dragon Style Martial School.

Simply, you will need two Unarmed boffers that will take their specs from a short sword.  These MUST have thrusting tips of 2” and use foam at least ⅝” thick.  The core must be ½” from the thrusting tip, and capped so as not to punch through the open cell foam thrusting tips.


21” - 33”     







Max Core length, Tip size, Max hilt length



Blade Length: Total Blade Length / 2
Blade Color: White
Handle color: Any

Charging is not allowed in combat situations.

Charging is defined as running full speed into combat or directly at a specific opponent without slowing.  This results in forcing your opponent to backpedal or step aside for fear of being hit.  The easiest way to prevent charging is to pay attention to your speed and distance.  

Melee range is defined as 5 feet from your opponent.  A good way to judge this visually is to put your arm straight out and touch fingertips with another person doing the same.  That double fingertip length will illustrate roughly 5 feet so that you may have a point of reference.  Another way to judge melee range is if your weapon (whatever the length) is able to touch the tip of their weapon (whatever the length).  Longer weapons have a wider melee range.  You may run until you reach melee range, but only if you can safely stop immediately.  

It is recommended that you begin to slow at the 10 to 15 ft mark in order to be at a complete stop before you engage in melee combat at the 5 ft mark.