Chapter 3: Kickits and Volunteer Information

Kickits are a way that we at Dark Passages can say thank you for your help and assistance. These can be earned and use in a variety of ways. Below is a list of commonly awarded Kickits and potential uses. This list is not exclusive - if you have a suggestion for either how to earn or use Kickits, please contact a plot member. This list will be updated regularly, so please see our website for the latest revision(s).

Kickits will be submitted by Staff on site. All Kickits will be earned at the beginning of the event following approved Kickits submissions. Players will receive a paper tag documenting this, and must be presented at the time of any Kickit expenditures. All Kickit Expenditures MUST be submitted by the end of the event. If you miss an event, submit your inquiry to within one week of the event for approval.




Tavern Supply Run / Loading Or Unloading Trailer Off-Site
Setting Up / Cleaning Up On-Site 
Event Check In 
Donation of Costuming/Props/Work (Plot requested)
Extra NPC Time (over the required 3 hour shift)
Safety / Site Marshal / Medic 5 Kickits
Full Event NPC / Tavern 10 Kickits
Recruit a Friend: Full Time NPC/PC (after 3 events) 


5 Kickits
1 Kickit per hour
3 Kickits
2 Kickits per hour and $5 spent
1 Kickit per hour
5 Kickits
10 Kickits
10 Kickits or 30 EXP


Character Creation Points (limit 35 points)
Off Month/Missed Game Exp Points (limit 3)
Off Month/Missed Game Downtime (limit 3)
Extra Experience Point (limit 1 per event/off month)
Extra Downtime Action (limit 1 per event/off month)
Extra Production Unit*** (limit 5 per event/off month)
Extra IP Stipend (limit 10 silver per event)


2 Kickits per CCP (Up to 35 CCP)
2 Kickits per EXP
2 Kickits per IBGA
2 Kickits per EXP
2 Kickits per IBGA
2 Kickits per PPD
2 Kickits per 2 Silver

*** Please note - this is an increase of production units (ie: the quantity and quality of items that you can make in one sitting), not an extra production period. ***

At an Event, PCs can earn their 10 EXP blanket for attending, 1 EXP for submitting Feedback under Character Forms, and buy 1 EXP with Kickits!  That's 12 EXP each event!