Event Pricing

Dark Passages makes every attempt to keep the cost down for our players and still run a quality game. As such, there is a limited amount that we can do to "discount" any given event. Our standard event pricing is listed below, along with a list of any applicable discounts. Please be aware, these prices may change, pending fluctuations in park site fees and other such considerations, but we will do everything in our power to ensure that we keep our costs down whenever possible to pass those savings on to our players.

You must prepay in order to get the Pre-Registration base price. Discount Coupons will come off either the At-the-Door Price or the Pre-Registration Price, as applicable. New Players always play their first game for 1/2 price, therefore no additional discounts shall apply.

Event Length   At Door   Pre-Registration   New Players   Kickit Coupon Applicable
1 Day Event $20.00 $15.00 $10.00 current PC yes / new PC no
2 Day Event $35.00 $30.00 $15.00  current PC yes / new PC no
3 Day Event $50.00 $45.00 $25.00 current PC yes / new PC no
4 Day Event $65.00 $60.00  $30.00 current PC yes / new PC no

Event Check In

Be Prepared to take care of these things at Check In:

  • Payment
  • Monster / Tavern Shift Sign Up
  • Cabin Sign Up
  • Get your Character Sheet and IBGAs
  • Make sure your Character Sheet is correct
  • Get your tags / items from your downtimes results
  • Get your Boffer Phys-Reps inspected for Safety
  • Production


Character Sheets

If you Character Sheet is incorrect please address this with the Logistics Team.  They will update the hard copy of your sheet.  After the event, please submit the approved changes via the Event Checkout Form so we have record and your next sheet will be correct.


Please come prepared with a list and items of the items you wish to craft at the event.  This will help out our Production Staff.

EXP for an Event

Your character will earn 10 EXP per event, also known as "blanket exp."

Four day events will award 20 EXP, as they are twice as long as standard events.  Unless otherwise announced, convention events will award 10 EXP, but will be limited to non-combat scenarios due to the limitations convention settings impose.