Volunteer Information

As you have undoubtedly guessed, we, like most games, are always in need of extra help to keep our events running smoothly! As such, we ask that each PC (player character) volunteers over the course of the weekend. Each PC is required to volunteer for either three hours in Monster Town or two hours in the Tavern. There will be a Volunteer Sign Up Sheet on hand during check-in, or you can request a shift or location when you pre-register. All volunteer time will be on a first come first serve basis, so pre-registered players will always get first dibs. Our website will have the option to pre-register without pre-paying, so please be sure to always let us know when you are planning to attend an event. That allows us to plan a better event for everyone, in terms of scheduling times, field battles, modules, and feast. Preference will be given to anyone in heavy makeup when filling slots for Tavern volunteers, as it can be very time consuming to get out of and back into for a Monster Town shift.

Tavern Shift

Volunteer time done in the kitchen has the downside of being more labor intensive and less fun, however you can stay in character so that you don't miss anything important during your volunteer time. We ask that you please work your full shift before leaving the premises of the Tavern. Any split shifts, early-outs, or late check-ins must be cleared with the Tavern Mistress in advance whenever possible, and she must initial that she approved the change. Likewise, she must approve and initial any extra or unscheduled time. Any non-scheduled time or changes that are not initialed may not be used to claim Kickits. All changes are at the discretion of the Tavern Mistress. She reserves the right to request additional volunteers as needed at any time if she is short-handed. Please understand that this is to ensure a smoothly running Tavern throughout the event.

Monster Town

Volunteer time done in Monster Town has the benefit of being more fun, in terms of combat, however it also presents the opportunity for heavy roleplay NPC roles, non-combat roles, and module assistance. All volunteers for Monster Town should wear basic black (black shirt, black pants, black shoes if possible). Tabards, monster costumes, and generic NPC garb will be provided. You are always welcome to bring personal costuming if you anticipate a role that cannot be accommodated with generic MT garb. If you are asked to play a named NPC for a set time during the event, that role may be credited towards your volunteer time, but you will generally need to bring your own costuming if the role calls for anything elaborate or personal. Such roles may include Guild Masters, Martial School Instructors, political roles, "talkie" roles, victims, etc. There may also be times where we will call for some hard core volunteers to do something wet or messy (usually these roles involve lots of fake blood or rain-specific monsters).

The Monster Town Manager reserves the right to request additional volunteers as needed for pre-scheduled plot events, such as modules and field battles.

If you are ever asked to play a role that you are not comfortable with, or that you do not feel you can safely portray, simply notify the MTM and we will gladly find you an alternative role or task. For example, if you are orange headbanded for the event, you may be asked to martial a scene or module, or provide a stationary resurrection (rez) point for NPC's and/or monsters in leui of an NPC role that may require a lot of walking. Please remember that the safety of our players, staff, and volunteers ALWAYS trumps the needs of the production. If you are injured or begin to feel sick, we will always work with you to ensure that you are not left out of the remainder of the event, however we will never ask you to do anything you are not up to doing. You always have the right to turn down a role at any time, for any reason, no questions asked.  You will still be required to assist the game in some way during your shift.

If at any time you have an NPC that survives an encounter that you wish to play again at a later date, the NPC's character stats and costuming notes will be placed in our master NPC book for future reference and use. We make no guarantees that you will be allowed to play it again, that will be decided by the MTM on a case by case basis, based on the nature of the NPC and what is appropriate to continuity of play and the current plot. (ie: you are more likely to play Joe the Farmer again than Ed the Lonely Monster.)

Full Time NPC's

The same is true for our full time full weekend volunteers, as noted in the passages above, in terms of roles and costuming. If you are NPC'ing for the full event, you will need to purchase your parking pass if they are required at the park, which is true of all Georgia State Parks. All full time NPC's will be given a complimentary Meal Plan and will be figured into the projected numbers for feast.  Light fare (such as hot dogs, sandwich fixin's, etc) as well as a variety of drinks will be provided free of charge throughout the event, even when tavern is closed for the night.

All full time NPC's are also encouraged to pre-register, to ensure that the Tavern buys enough food for everyone. If we know you are coming, we can also count on you to plan for modules and field battles. Full time NPC's will have the chance to play a variety of roles throughout the weekend. If you have any restrictions to what type(s) of role(s) you wish to play, simply notify the MTM upon your arrival in Monster Town. That will let us plan the weekend's encounters more efficiently.

Full time NPC's are always welcome to bring their own costuming and weapons, however we do ask that you store personal items in your own assigned cabin so that they do not get lost or misplaced or mixed in with the Monster Town items. Every full time NPC is encouraged to write up a basic entry level character just like a new PC. This can be done on site or in advance, and may be as simple or elaborate as you like. All of the "Townsfolk" NPC's will be kept in the Monster Town NPC Record Book for future use. You will be able to use your skills to help out the town as needed, however these are considered non-combat NPC's. You can name them and even write background histories, in fact that is encouraged. These should feel like the town regulars, simple folk who came to the New Colony to start a new life. They are the farmers, herdsmen, blacksmiths, bakers, chandlers, tinkers, etc who remain behind to tend the town while the PC group is out adventuring. They are the ones who are too busy to go off gallivanting with the explorers, or whose livelihoods depend on a stationary existence back in the New Colony, or who cannot bear to leave their wives and children alone in town for too long. They are the bread and butter of the New Colony, the very backbone of the town. The Townsfolk also include lower level Guild Members who tend the Guild Halls on a daily basis and most members of the town guard. They can be any race, any nationality, however please plan ahead if you wish to play a race requiring make-up, and bring your own makeup and accessories accordingly.

Your Townsfolk costuming should be simple yet distinctive and easily identifiable as someone the PC's know and recognize. As such, your Townsfolk garb should not be worn for any other role. These are designed to be your primary mealtime NPC's, to allow you to blend into the town and be familiar to the PC's. They know you can be trusted and they know you are a familiar face, so they don't have to question every peasant or merchant that walks through the door or duck out of play to ask if they know the NPC. Your Townsfolk NPC should be played by default any time you are going into town without a role assigned by the MTM, such as eating meals, running errands, delivering messages, etc.

Because you are "known" to them, you may assist one PC per event with a downtime action between games. If more than one PC asks you for help, it is up to you who you help. If you are asked to and agree to help a PC, you must notify plot of who you are helping when you get back to Monster Town. That way we can note it so that we credit the correct person while reviewing the submitted downtime actions. These count as partial assists only, not as full assists or full downtimes (IBGA), so it will simply boost their score by 1 when determining success based on a difficulty rating. (A full assist lets two PC's add their scores for a cumulative total.)

Likewise, your NPC will have one production period per event, if you take a production skill. You may not buy any extra production point, as PC's can, however you can assist the PC's by producing items for them. The PC's must provide all of the materials at full cost, but you can use the NPC's production points and level (which may be higher than the PC's own level) to help them out. This can only be done if a PC requests it of you while you are out in play, you cannot do between game production except as an assist. You can bring them to production with you, or bring the item(s) back to them later at the next meal. You will always have the excuse of "I have to get back to the Guild Hall" if you do not wish to stay in town for an extended period of time. Do not hesitate to help the PC's, but also do not openly offer your services. Townsfolk are very busy people, they simply do not have time to seek out charity cases. If the PC's are not willing to pay or trade, they are less likely to take time from their schedules to help, unless circumstances are dire for the entire Colony. Like the Guild Masters, the Townsfolk realize that the stability and safety of the Colony itself depends on the dedication and efforts of its core members. They will not put the fate of a small adventuring party above the good of the Colony.