Chapter 14: Magic & Rituals

In the world of Othonia, Magic has once again been released into the world, after centuries of absence. As such up to 10 Mana and Rituals level 2 can be purchased at Character Creation.  Justification for these expenditures must be present in your Character Background.  On Magic’s return to the world, it was bestowed upon the people of Othonia, and each person was selected by an element, and was granted a single spell and except in a few exceptions, a single point of Mana with which to cast it.  There are six basic elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light, Shadow.

Basic Spells

Players start the game with an Elemental Affinity and one of the following spells:

Dart - Deals one point of elemental Magic Damage. Tag line: [Element] Dart.

Stabilize - Stops target bleed out, and target will heal naturally in the course of 3 days.  Additional healing can then be applied to speed up the recovery process if desired.

Skin - Applies a 1 point skin to the target protecting them from damage. Skins take 3 seconds to apply, and will stack with Toughness, but not other Skins.

The remaining two basic spells can be learned In Play from anyone who knows them and it requires 5 minutes of teaching each.  Players can also learn Elemental Mana Conversion In Play from anyone who knows this ability, which also requires 5 minutes of teaching.  This allows players to convert their Mana into any of the six elements. This means a new player can choose to cast, for example, a Dart in any elemental flavor.


Mana Regeneration

Mana Regeneration can be learned In Play from anyone who knows this ability with 5 minutes of teaching, granting you the ability Meditation. Players without this ability regain their mana each morning when they wake. Characters that start play with Rituals are assumed to have already learned this before coming in play.

Meditation - You meditate for 10 minutes, and you get 1 mana back.  This ability has no EXP cost.  Meditation has no per day limitation.

Mana Experience Cost

Your character will receive their first point of mana at their first game for free.  Additional mana can be purchased with EXP after the player's first game.  Mana EXP costs are as follows.

Mana       EXP Cost
1 Free at first game
2 - 10 1 EXP each
11 - 20 2 EXP each
21 - 30 4 EXP each
31 - 40 6 EXP each
41 - 50 8 EXP each
51+ 10 EXP each



Ritualism and Magic traditionally go hand-in-hand, and even in contemporary Othonia’s cultures you can see traces of where rituals were once integral to society. In Ejheria, mantras and mudras are enacted as part of their prayers. In Vikara, chanting at the onset of ceremonies and spirit-quests to earn one’s cultural adulthood are simply a way of life. Now that Magic has returned to the world, Rituals once again take on a new level of depth, bringing one’s self in tune with the workings of Magic itself.

Rituals can be purchased independently from Magic Circles, and the only pre-requisite is the Meditation ability.  Each level of Rituals costs 5 EXP, and grants its specific abilities (as below) as well as allows a character to learn specific rituals in game.

Ritual Level

Mana Regeneration

Skill Name

Skill Description


Meditation now grants 2 mana

Sense Elemental Ties

Point and Click ability with Unlimited use and no mana cost. Detect or Sense Elemental Magic in the targeted area or ties to an element within 10 feet of the user. This involves feeling the magic and is not hampered by Blind.


Meditation now grants 4 mana

Mana Well

Once per day, refresh 10 mana to the caster instantly, or up to your maximum mana, if that is less than 10.


Meditation now grants 6 mana

Contact Elemental

Inform Plot of intent, and begin a 1 minute ritual to contact an elemental of the caster's choice.  Communicate with an elemental.


Meditation now grants 8 mana

Attunement Ceremony

Cannot be used for caster. Conduct a 5 minute Attunement Ritual where you attune an item to its owner. The item must be of gemforgable material and/or heirloom/exquisite quality. This Ritual requires a material component of the same elemental tie, or production component of the same type as the item, per level of attunement. You may only have four attunements active, one of each type: Weapon, Armor, Item, Accessory.


Meditation now grants 10 mana

Summon Elemental

Inform Plot of intent, and begin a 5 minute ritual to summon an elemental of the caster's choice to the caster's location.

Magic Circles

There are six elemental Magic Paths that your character can learn: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light, and Shadow.  Each element has its own properties and style, as well as spell packet colors.  Natural, non-magical effects are represented by Brown spell packets.  Advanced schools of magic may use these colors or gray packets.

Element      Color
Fire Red
Water Blue
Air Yellow
Earth Green
Light Orange
Shadow Purple


Each element has five known Magic Circles that you can learn, with five known spells in each circle.  It is possible to learn spells outside of these lists, but to do so requires first finding them in play.  Spells cost no EXP, and can be taught in play or in IBGA by any Player or NPC who knows the spell.  You must be initiated into a Circle before learning any spells of that Circle.  A character can initiate someone into any Magic they know, and may Circle someone up to the teacher’s Circle when they are ready.  You may learn one spell per day at an event or per IBGA, but you may only Circle once per event, and only In Play.  When Circling you gain one spell of the Circle learned, which counts as your learned spell for the day.  Any spells you wish to learn thereafter can be taught by any caster that knows the spell.  If another PC is teaching you spells in IGBAs, the student must devote an IBGA and the teacher can verify with Plot if needed, but need not spend an IBGA.

Circle Level Mana Requirement Spell Requirement EXP Cost
Primary Circle 1 5 Mana  All 3 Basic Spells, Elemental Mana Conversion, and Meditation  5
Primary Circle 2 10 Mana  3 of the previous Circle’s spells  10
Primary Circle 3 15 Mana   3 of the previous Circle’s spells  15
Primary Circle 4 20 Mana  3 of the previous Circle’s spells  20
Primary Circle 5 25 Mana  3 of the previous Circle’s spells  25

Players can only reach Circle 5 in one school.  They can reach up to Circle 4 in any other number or combination of schools. This includes Advanced Schools of Magic.  While you only need to purchase the Primary Circle skill once, you must initiate into each Element’s Circle individually In Play, with the limitations as above.

Manaburn is a side effect of casting magic more powerful than your character can wield. Casters may cast spells that they have learned, but do not have the appropriate Circle requirement. They will receive a Manaburn effect immediately upon completion of the spell cast which cannot be mitigated, the effects of which vary depending on how far the caster extends themselves. If the spell is one Circle away, the caster immediately falls critical. If the spell is two Circles away, the caster immediately falls dead with their soul still remaining in their body. If the spell is three or more Circles away, the caster immediately falls dead and cannot be resuscitated.

Verbal Requirements & Mana Cost

Players can use their own spell verbals, so long as the syllable requirement is met and appropriate tag lines are present.  Be aware, the Elements are listening. Once a spell verbal is set for a caster, it is their verbal, and mispronouncing it or misspeaking the words counts as a flubbed verbal. Flubbing a spell means the effect does not happen, but the mana used in casting is still spent. When teaching a spell, their student may come up with a new verbal that is appropriate for them, but must still fit the verbal requirements.

Mana cost per spell is determined by the Magic Circle the spell is in.  The more powerful the spell, the higher it is located in the Magic circles, and the more mana it will cost to cast.

Spell Level Verbal Required Mana Cost per Spell Spell Verbal Example
Basic Spells 5 syllables 1 Mana "Here have a Fire Dart."
Circle 1 5 syllables 1 Mana "By Fire be purged. Cauterize."
Circle 2 10 syllables 2 Mana "Let the Flames consume you with a Fire Arrow."
Circle 3 15 syllables 3 Mana "May darkness and agony strike my enemy down in Pain."
Circle 4 20 syllables 4 Mana "Eleka nahmen nahmen Ah tum ah tum eleka nahmen. Gaze into Fire."
Circle 5 25 syllables 5 Mana "I call upon the fires of vengeance to wreath my enemies in the flames of justice!  Incinerate!"