Air is a magic school that focuses on Movement and Combat.  Packet delivered Air spells require yellow packets.


Circle 1

Packet delivered Silence effect. Lasts 10 seconds where target cannot speak or cast spells.

Packet delivered Fumble effect. Target fumbles their weapon in their hands for 3 seconds before being able to use it again.

Blessed Wind
Touch activated. The caster's next Vital Strike is +1 damage.

Lesser Air Defense
Triggered Air Dart on next source of damage.

Whispered Message
The caster can deliver messages unhindered on the wind. Caster must have met and know the identity of their target. This does not give the target the ability to reply.


Circle 2

Lightning Arrow
Deals 3 elemental magic damage.

Packet delivered Pushback effect. Target is pushed backward 10 steps.

Packet delivered Stun effect. Target is stunned and can take no action for 1 minute. May only defend against a killing blow.

Cooling Breath
Touch activated. The caster's next Rest will be 5 minutes instead of 10.

Whirlwind Cloak
Triggered Disarm on next source of damage.

Air Ward
This spell negates the next Air based spell or effect to the target. Only one elemetal Ward can be applied to a target at a time. Tagline: Ward


Circle 3

Falter effect. Target's weapon is battered by wind and they can not control or use it for 10 seconds.

Shorten Breath
Packet Delivered Weakness effect. Cannot use combat abilities for 1 hour.

Favored Wind
The caster enchants his Ranged weapon to add Air Strike +1 until the weapon leaves the caster's hand. When this happens, the enchantment ends, and weapon is broken unless it is made of Topaz.

Lightning Defense
Triggered Lightning Arrow on next source of Damage.

Wind Wall
Caster must remain in line of sight to keep wall up. 5ft long barrier and must be Phys Repped. Stops all Ranged Attacks, including missile and spells.

This spell negates the next physical attack recieved by the target. Tagline: Shield


Circle 4

Air Lance
Deals 5 elemental magic damage.

Fly to Safety
Triggered Haste on next source of damage.

Cyclone Defense
Triggered Pushback on next source of damage. Target is pushed backward 10 steps.

Sylphids Playground
Grants immunity to Bind, Shackle, Pin, Petrify and Entomb for 5 minutes.

Guardian of the Wind
Adds +1 to TDL for all Athletes Guild abilities. This spell does not stack.

Great Ward
This spell negates the next spell effect on the caster regardless of element. Replaces any existing element Wards the caster might have when applied. Tagline: Great Ward


Circle 5

Truespell that suffocates target causing Death. Target can be resuscitated.

Summon Air Bow
The caster summons a Ranged Weapon of Caster's choice. That weapon is immune to Fumble or Break, and deals +2 Air damage. This spell lasts until the weapon leaves the caster's hand. 1 hr max duration

Lightning Rod
The caster can channel lightning through your person, allowing the caster to call "Invoke Lightning Dart" until the caster moves from his position. When the spell ends, the caster immediately falls critical.

Greater Air Defense
Triggered Air Lance on next source of damage.

Ride the Lightning
Makes caster categorically immune to negative Air Spells for 1 hour.

Air Form
Caster's body takes on the form of an Air Elemental for 15 minutes. Air elementals are immune to physical damage, but are affected by magic.