Dream Magic is the power of imagination itself, and is the combination of all six basic elements. Packet delivered Dream spells require silver or grey packets.


  • Must be initiated into the Path of Dream Magic by a Master Level Dream practitioner. Once Initiated, you must always learn non-Dream spells in opposing order (e.g. if you learn a Fire spell you must then learn Water next), and if you circle in a single Element you must then Circle in its opposite next. To Circle a non-Dream Element, you must have all 6 elements caught up to that level first.

  • Must have one Circle 1 spell learned from all six elements.

  • Must have 10 Mana.

The cost to Circle in Dream is as follows, and like Secondary and Tertiary schools, is a seperate additional cost from the single Elemental Circles.

Circle Level   

Mana Requirement   

Spell Requirement

EXP Cost   

Circle 1

10 Mana

1 Spell from all six Elements in Circle 1


Circle 2

15 Mana

3 Spells from Circle 1


Circle 3

20 Mana

3 Spells from Circle 2


Circle 4

25 Mana

3 Spells from Circle 3


Circle 5

30 Mana

3 Spells from Circle 4



Circle 1

Absorb (Passive)
Caster may catch any spell packet and absorb the magic from the spell. Caster doesn't take the spell effect, and instead absorbs 1 point of mana. Caster may not absorb more than their maximum mana pool at any given time. You must physically catch the airborne packet or the spell effects normally.

Packet delivered. This spell causes a 10 second Confusion effect

Invoke Emotion
Point and Click spell. Spell invokes specified emotion in target. The target must react appropriately based on the situation and emotion inflicted. Each individual may react differently.

Dream Tether
Touch Activated. The caster may target up to their Circle in allies. Anyone under the effect of this spell is able to find their way back to the caster while in the Dreaming as long as they stay within line of sight.

View the Dreaming
Touch Activated. Allows the target to see into the Dreaming for 10 minutes as per Dreamsight from Dreamwalker

Point and Click spell. Caster may issue a Command of up to 10 words that the target will then attempt to complete for the next 10 minutes. Target will not take an action that will harm themselves or attempt to kill someone that they would otherwise be unwilling to harm.

Circle 2

Homeward Bound (Passive)
The caster may always find their way back to the point where they entered the Dream.

Packet delivered Sleep effect. Lasts 10 minutes.

Dream Circle
Caster creates a 10 ft. diameter Circle that lowers the difficulty to pass into the Dreaming. Dreamwalkers require half the time to enter or exit the Dreaming while within the Circle.

Vorpal Weapon
Caster Only. The caster enchants their weapon to add Dream Strike +1 until it leaves the caster's hand. Dream Strike may target a creature in the Dreaming from the real world.

Dream Ward
This spell negates the next Dream based spell or effect to the target. Only one elemetal Ward can be applied to a target at a time. Tagline: Ward

Point and Click spell. Mesmerize effect for as long as the caster maintains eye contact for up to 10 minutes.

Circle 3

Dream Shift (Passive)
The caster can adjust the local Dreaming to add or remove a single environmental condition. (e.g. cause/remove rain, light, fog, etc.)

Dream Step
Packet delivered. Caster steps into the Dream and steps out at a new location. Functions as a Teleport to where packet lands.

Waking Dream
Packet delivered. Target Hallucinates for 10 minutes

Touch activated. Target is Awakened from Sleep, Coma, or mind effects

Touch activated. This spell negates the next physical attack recieved by the target. Tagline: Shield

Half-Remembered Dream
Touch activated. Target gains +1 TSL to next single action or crafting attempt. May only be cast on up to caster's Circle at one time (including Caster).

Circle 4

Dream Pocket (Passive)
Caster creates a small pocket in the Dream only they can access. This pocket will hold up to 5 small items or one large tagged item. Caster may access this pocket at any time from any location.

Interpret the Dream
Caster summons a fragment of the Dream, which may take a form appropriate to the caster (Totem animal, Spirit Guide, Best Friend, etc). For 5 minutes, they may speak to this fragment and attempt to get it to answer questions about a person or event. Answers may be cryptic, and will be similar to Intuition.

Ripples of Thought
While in the Dreaming, the caster may detect the surface thoughts of a person they know well (at least an hour of time talking together). This will allow the caster to know the general direction to the target's location in the real world. The closer they are, the better the information is. This is an instant 'ping' of the location and would have to be recast repetitively to locate the target, especially if moving.

Dispel Nightmare
Caster may temporarily disperse a Nightmare creature, or remove a trapped target from a Nightmare to a Dream.

Great Ward
This spell negates the next spell effect on the caster regardless of element. Replaces any existing element Wards the caster might have when applied. Tagline: Great Ward

Rude Awakening
If target is killed in the Dream, instead of dying they wake themselves up in the real world by hurting themselves so they wake up. Instead the target takes a limb wound and is under a Pain and Paranoia effect.

Circle 5

Dream Sanctuary (Passive)
Caster creates a small custom realm (building size) which may only be accessed while escorted by the caster or the Dream Council.

Target's body is dropped into a coma, and the target is dropped into a Nightmare. If Awakened without being first rescued from the Nightmare, target will suffer waking Hallucinations of their Nightmare, as well as gain a level of the Nightmares disadvantage until Dispelled. This is cumulative with other levels they might already have.

Light the Path
While in the Dream, a path appears to lead to a certain location (not person or item). This path only appears 5 feet in front of you at a time, which will guide you, but not show you a path that can be used without the spell.

Blanket of Sleep
Caster invokes Voice Effect: Sleep

Caster invokes Voice Effect: Awaken

Dream Form
Caster's body takes on the form of a Dream Elemental for 15 minutes. Dream elementals reduce both magical and physical damage, and gain claws of Dream. Other than the basic elemental form, caster may also have 2 additional pre-chosen natural creature forms that they have previously seen. Each form requires an appropriate silver mask. Spell must be recast to shift forms.