Light is a magic school that focuses on cleansing and fighting Corruption.  Packet delivered Light spells require orange packets.


Circle 1

Sense Corruption
Point and click. Detect corruption within a target or item.

Light Source that lasts until put out.

Packet delivered Blind effect. Lasts 10 seconds. Target cannot see and can take no action other than fending off a Killing Blow.

Lesser Light Defense
Triggered Light Dart on next source of damage.

Touch activate. Removes one negative Mental effect on target. Will not remove Greater effects such as Coma, Greater Fear, etc.


Circle 2

Light Arrow
Packet delivered. Deals 3 elemental magic damage.

Teleport to packet delivered location.

Packet delivered effect. Target must gaze into the caster's eyes and take no offensive action. Lasts until eye contact is broken or offensive action against the target.

Mental Resist
Touch activated. Resist one Mental effect.

Lesser Reveal
Point and click. Reveals Conceal and Camouflage effects.

Light Ward
This spell negates the next Light based spell or effect to the target. Only one elemetal Ward can be applied to a target at a time. Tagline: Ward


Circle 3

Purify Corruption
Point and click. Removes one point of Corruption from a target. Permanent Corruption will return at reset.

Hallowed Blade
The caster enchants his weapon to add Light Strike +1 until the weapon leaves the caster's hand. When this happens, the enchantment ends, and weapon is broken unless it is made of Citrine.

Luminous Defense
Triggered Blind on next source of Damage.

Light Defense
Triggered Light Arrow on next source of Damage.

Message to Pure Soul
Send a message to someone with Pure Soul Advantage. See Plot.

This spell negates the next physical attack recieved by the target. Tagline: Shield


Circle 4

Light Lance
Deals 5 elemental magic damage.

Mass Teleport
Teleport caster and up to Circle in willing targets to packet delivered location.

Caster must remain in line of sight to keep wall up. 5ft long barrier and must be Phys Repped. Shadow creatures and those with Corruption cannot cross, nor can they attack through.

Guardian of the Light
Adds +1 to TDL for all Scholars Guild abilities. This spell does not stack.

Greater Reveal
Point and click. Reveals Greater Concealed targets.

Great Ward
This spell negates the next spell effect on the caster regardless of element. Replaces any existing element Wards the caster might have when applied. Tagline: Great Ward


Circle 5

Mana Purge
Packet delivered spell that reduces target's current available mana to 0.

Summon Light Sword
The caster summons a melee Weapon of Caster's choice. That weapon is immune to disarm, and deals +2 Light damage. This spell lasts until the caster suffers a limb wound or the weapon leaves the caster's hand. 1 hour duration.

Packet delivered Light spell that purges the target's soul of impurities causing death. Target must be a creature of Shadow or have Corruption. Target can be resuscitated.

Greater Light Defense
Triggered Light Lance on next source of damage.

Bask in the Light
Makes caster categorically immune to negative Shadow Spells for 1 hour.

Light Form
Caster's body takes on the form of a Light Elemental for 15 minutes. Light elementals are immune to physical damage, but are affected by magic.