Water is a magic school that focuses on Healing and emotional understanding.  Packet delivered Water spells require blue packets.


Circle 1

Falldown effect. Target may choose to actually fall to the ground, or may kneel for 10 seconds and must take a 3-count to get back up. This count cannot be interrupted, but you may be attacked while getting up.

Accelerate Healing
Touch activated. Adds one level of healing to target and lasts until sunset.

Sense Emotion
Point and click. Detect emotion in target sentient creature. Does not work on animals.

Breathe Water
Touch activated. Allows target to Breathe Water for 1 hour.

Purify Water
Removes corruption, poison, and disease from water.


Circle 2

Heal Minor Wound
Touch activated. Heals one limb wound, but cannot be used on a torso wound.

Cleanse Toxin
Touch activated. Removes Lesser Poison and Lesser Disease from target.

Packet delivered. Binds the target's hands to their sides.

Lesser Poison
Packet delivered Lesser Poison effect. Target is poisoned and must be cured before using any skills or abilities. They will die in one hour if uncured.

Lesser Water Defense
Triggered Water Dart on next Source of Damage

Water Ward
This spell negates the next Water/Ice based spell or effect to the target. Only one elemetal Ward can be applied to a target at a time. Tagline: Ward


Circle 3

Decanter of Life
The caster enchants a bottle or glass of water to grant Accelerate Healing to those who drink liquid from it. The enchantment ends when the bottle leaves the caster's hand or the container runs out of water.

Heal Wound
Touch activated. Heals a torso wound.

Instill Emotion
Touch activated. Instills emotion into a target. Lasts for 1 hour.

Ice Gauntlet
The caster gives the target a resist to Fumble effects and causes 1 pt of damage to target.

Guardian of the Seas
Add +1 to TDL for all Physicians Guild Abilities. This spell does not stack, and is caster only.

This spell negates the next physical attack recieved by the target. Tagline: Shield


Circle 4

Restart Heart
Caster resuscitates target as long as the soul is still in the body. Target will fully heal in 1 hour; this healing cannot be sped up in any way.

Heal Mortal Wound
Heals all wounds.

Cleanse Greater Toxin
Instantly removes Greater Poison and Greater Diseases from target.

Greater Poison effect. Target is Poisoned and must be cured before using any skills or abilities. They will die in 10 minutes if uncured.

Water Defense
Triggered Water Arrow on next source of damage

Great Ward
This spell negates the next spell effect on the caster regardless of element. Replaces any existing element Wards the caster might have when applied. Tagline: Great Ward


Circle 5

Frozen Heart
Truespell that freezes the heart causing Death. Target can be resuscitated.

Fount of Life
The caster resurrects target from the dead, even after their soul has passed.

Turn the Tide
Packet delivered Betray effect. Target enemy must fight for you until he defeats one enemy. Allies take no effect.

Ice Prison
Truespell that puts target in a Prison of ice where no action can be taken upon them except by the caster. Can be self cast.

Ride the Waves
Makes caster categorically immune to negative Water Spells for 1 hour.

Water Form
Caster's body takes on the form of a Water Elemental for 15 minutes. Water elementals reduce both magical and physical damage.