Dragon Style

Native Culture: Sheng Tai
Preferred Weapon: Dagger (tanto), Short Sword (wakizachi), Long Sword (katana), Greatsword (nodachi)
Preferred Material: Emerald & Hardened Gold

Note: If you train this Martial School, you CAN NOT learn the Phoenix Style School. This school was previously a Hidden School, and thus is not available at Character Creation and must be taught in game. This school also requires the prerequisite of purchasing the Advantage: Inhuman Courage. This can be purchased at Initiation if the character did not start with it.


This is the fighting style practiced by the Dragon Lord and his minions. Only now is it beginning to see wider use in the world. Personal honor is extremely important to these deadly warriors, and they will end their own lives rather than live dishonored.


The Dragon Lord is the originator of this school, and one of the few known practitioners in the world today.


Circle 1 - Initiate

Piercing Blades (attack, contact, strike) - adds damage to a normal strike (adds to base damage of weapon) and also ignores physical armor or shields.
Tagline: "Piercing Strike X". (see the Vital Strike description for progression at higher levels).

Spinning Blades (defense, self) - you are able to bat aside not only the weapons of your opponent, but projectiles from distant opponents.
Tagline: "Parry" or "Missile Parry"


Circle 2 - Apprentice

Disabling Cut (attack, contact, strike) - this attack does a direct wound to a leg, bypassing armor, skins, or Toughness. The target may Dodge or use their own Luck to avoid the attack.
Tagline: "Hamstring"

Honor Duel (defense, step through) - you call out your chosen opponent, and for 10 seconds are able to step through any intervening combat safely to reach them. You take no damage from other opponents as you approach, and you must proceed directly to your opponent. It is not required to bow before fighting them, but it is good form and shows greater honor.
Tagline: "Honor Duel" folowed by "Step Through"


Circle 3 - Devotee

Sever Limb (attack, strike) - your razor sharp blades easily will remove a foe's limb, which must be specified in the Tagline. This causes a limb wound that unlike a normal wound which will still heal at a very slow rate, can be stabilized but will NOT heal any farther without surgery or magic.
Tagline: "Sever Limb X"

Scatter the Weak (defense, voice effect) - You let out a dragon's roar, causing your enemies to flee before you.
Tagline: "Voice Effect, Enemy Fear"


Circle 4 - Master

Torso Cleave (attack, strike) - with a single swing your blade will slice your opponent in half. The damage this causes is so great that a simple healing spell or surgery is not enough to resuscitate the victim. Both halves must be reassembled before Lightning in a Jar or other methods can be used.
Tagline: "Torso Cleave"

Unerring Strike (defense, strike) - you are capable of great feats of swordplay. Opponents have no chance of avoiding your attacks. They may still absorb your damage with skins, armor, Toughness, Shield spells, or sheer Luck, but they may not Dodge, Parry, or Evade your attack. Further, this may be used for other effects (slicing a bullet in half in the air, etc) in the presence of a marshall.
Tagline: "Truestrike X"


Circle 5 - Grand Master

Whirling Blades of Death (attack, Area of Effect) - you jump and spin, blades flashing, slicing all of your enemies in twain. Your allies who hear you kiai know this is the time to duck, and if they are within your radius of death they must take a Falldown effect to avoid your blades.
Tagline: "Area of Effect, 5 foot Torso Cleave"

Perfect Defense (defense, self) - you blow your opponents blow in such a way your blade is at their heart and striking takes minimal effort.
Tagline: "Counterstrike Death"