Drunken Master

Native Culture: Sheng Tai
Preferred Weapon: Unarmed, Improvised Weapons
Note: You must have a flask of alcohol on your person to use this school's abilities. 
Preferred Material: none

Note: This school was previously a Hidden School, and thus is not available at Character Creation and must be taught in game. This school also requires the prerequisite of purchasing the Advantage: Ambidexterous. This can be purchased at Initiation if the character did not start with it.


Little is known of these ellusive fighters outside of the bars of Sheng Tai. Even within the country they are rarely seen, perhaps because they're holed away somewhere drinking. They are sometimes referred to as Brawlers, but their style of fighting is more about frustrating the attacks of those who would come at them. They appear to be barely able to walk because of drunkeness, but the keen eye will note the grace and thought in their movements.




Level 1 - Initiate

Dizzying Fists (attack, strike or shot)  - The martial artist’s blows are so confusing and seemingly random, that they strike weak points with surprising strength and skill, making a simple punch into a strike that disorients and disables.
Tagline: "Nausea Strike X". (see the Vital Strike description for progression at higher levels).

Sweep the Leg (defense, self) - The martial artist lurches and spins suddenly, taking out the legs of his opponent.
Tagline: Counterstrike Fall Down


Level 2 - Apprentice

Not Now, I’m Busy (attack, strike) - The martial artist takes a drink, then lashes out with a punch that throws his opponent back.
Tagline: "Push Back"

Stagger Step (defense, self) - The martial artist moves like a staggering drunk, yet never seems to be quite where his opponent expects him to be.
Tagline: "Dodge"


Level 3 - Devotee

Smash Bottles (attack, Area of Effect) - The martial artist smashes a pair of bottles together, throwing shards of glass in all directions.
Tagline: "Area of Effect, 5 foot, Blind"

He Did It! (defense, self) - The martial artist twists and sends his opponent’s attack in a different direction entirely.
Tagline: "Redirect X" or "Redirect Ground"


Level 4 - Master

The Good Stuff (attack, packet) - The Drunken Master takes a swig of his special reserves. He spits a stream in his opponent’s face (Note: do not actually spit at people - use a packet or a thrown bottle rep). The opponent is stunned and left slightly intoxicated.
Tagline: "Invoke Intoxicating Stun"

Drunken Form (defense, strike) - The Drunken Master bobs and weaves unsteadily, making it impossible for his opponents to land a blow and instead ending up on the ground in confusion. For five minutes the martial artist must stagger and wave back and forth the entire time and cannot strike out offensively. All attacks are automatically dodged, and anyone attacking in melee range is tripped, thrown, etc.
Tagline: "Dodge, Counterstrike Falldown"


Level 5 - Grand Master

Wheel of Feet (attack, Area of Effect) - The Drunken Master falls to the ground (Falldown effect), avoiding his enemies attacks, and lashes out with his hands and feet in all directions.
Tagline: "Dodge - Area of Effect, 5 foot, Greater Knockout"

Use the Environment (defense, self) - The Drunken Master confuses his enemy, causing them to look the wrong way as he makes his escape. This can be used as a Fair Escape.
Tagline: "Distract - Haste"