Native Culture: Amari'z
Preferred Weapon: Thrown Weapon(s) and Cat's Claw (dagger), Improvised Weapons
Preferred Material: Turquoise & Steel (aqua and/or grey duct tape)

Note: For improvised weapons, you may phys-rep literally any item you can imagine that is historically appropriate, such as rolling pins, horseshoes, anvils, etc, so long as it meets standard safety guidelines and passes the usual on-site safety inspection. If you have ideas but have any doubts about your construction technique(s) please feel free to email plot for advice. Materials and cost may be calculated under the appropriate production skills.


The early settlers of Amari'z had a rough life, and many of the old ways of fighting were found lacking in the new harsh environment, therefore they came up with new ways of fighting the old battles. Most "civilized" cultures called this fighting dirty and regarded these pioneers as wild. In many ways they were. They would take the smallest advantage to turn the tide of a fight. Most chose the quickness of the knife, however they knew they would have to learn to get in close, strike fast and kill quickly.


On his first trip into the wildness, Dave "Wildcat" Williams found that his long sword would often get hung in the underbrush, and his armor made for slow travel at a time when speed was your best defense. Over his camp fire one night, he broke his sword down to the size of a small dagger. As time went on, he invented the skills needed to use anything around him as a weapon. It was said he could walk into the woods with his trusted long knife, which came to be known as the Cat's Claw, and come back out with enough food to feed a town for a week. Not only could he sneak up on his prey, he eventually learned to throw his blade with deadly accuracy. Within ten years, his fighting method became the thing of legends, and people came in throngs to the wilds, looking to him as a teacher. He never held his teaching from anyone who could pay, and pay they did.


Level 1 - Initiate

Cold Clock: (attack, strike) - Unlike the average, untrained person, you need not sneak up behind someone to deliver an incapacitating blow. You may also call this effect with a thrown weapon, hitting them with the blunt end and thus knocking them out in lieu of doing damage to your target. Because of this delivery, the ability to hear the attack coming will not protect from the blow, so those with Enhanced Hearing are not Immune.
Tagline: "Greater Knock Out"

Watchful Eye: (defense, self) - Forewarned is forearmed, and you know to watch the actions of your foe and when to move, especially when they are at range. Thus you may Evade their ranged attacks.
Tagline: "Evade"


Level 2 - Apprentice
Root Foot: (attack, strike) - acts as snare + base weapon damage to specified leg. Damage does not have to cause a wound to bind them.
Tagline: "Pinning Strike X"

Redirect: (defense, self, point and click) You can cause an attack on you to be redirected to another target within melee range. This effect is parrying an attack so that it strikes another person. The foe that is named in the Redirect effect can call a dodge. This may not be used to strike the original attacker, though the attack can be redirected to the ground if there is no appropriate target.
Tagline: "Redirect" or "Redirect Ground"


Level 3 - Devotee

Twisting Blades (attack, strike) - Your knowledge of your weapons allows you to bind up and then twist an enemy's weapon in their hands leaving them unable to use their weapon for 3 seconds.
Tagline: "Fumble"

Strike of Opportunity (defense, self) - If a foe delivers a wound to you, you can parry while delivering the damage you would have taken back to the foe in the location they would have injured you (for example, if you take a hit on your arm, you deliver that exact same injury and damage to your foe's arm).
Tagline: "Parry, Counterstrike"


Level 4 - Master

Hamstring (attack, strike) - Your aim is impeccable, allowing you to strike cleverly and maim your opponent. This attack does a direct wound to a leg, bypassing armor, skins, or Toughness. The target may Dodge or use their own Luck to avoid the attack.
Tagline: "Hamstring"

Know When to Fold 'Em (defense, self) - Sometimes you just have to know when to cut your losses and get away from a losing battle. You may step through a combat without taking damage, allowing you to disengage from a fight, even if surrounded. For 10 seconds you may walk slowly through and away from a combat, stating "Step Through". During this time you are Immune to all damage and cannot be pursued. You must move as directly away from combat as possible, and may not use this to position yourself for surprise attacks.
Tagline: "Step Through"


Level 5 - Grand Master

Deadly Aim (attack, strike) - You've learned to lead your targets, preventing them from jumping out of the way. They may still absorb your damage with skins, armor, Toughness, Shield spells, or sheer Luck, but they may not Dodge, Parry, or Evade your attack.
Tagline: "Truestrike X"

Feet, Don't Fail Me Now (defense, packet) - You distract your opponents long enough to beat a hasty retreat. You call out "Distract" and throw a packet in a direction. Any opponent dealing with you must look where the packet lands for a three-count before turning back to where you were. As soon as you throw the packet you may call Haste and proceed in the opposite direction for one minute, after which you fall down gasping for breath.
Tagline: "Distract - Haste"