Native Culture: Amari'z
Preferred Weapon: 6-shooter, pistol, musket, rifle, repeating rifle, shotgun, blunderbuss
Preferred Material: n/a (standard firearms - wood & steel construction only)


Gunpowder, lead, and steel when these three items came together the world was bound to change. The Amari'z invented the powder first and used it to help in their mining efforts, it did not take long, however, to start using this powerful invention for war. With new weapons came the need for new styles of fighting, and then better weapons.


The first firearms showed up as single shot pistols. These weapons had the power to go through armor but they required the user to reload after every shot, thus slowing down the rate of fire, an archer could fire 3 times as fast, something had to be done. Steven Howsting developed a cartridge that allowed gunpowder shot and primer to be self contained, then developed a cylindrical loading system for his new cartridges thus the six shot revolver was born. He was noted as saying, "Now all men are equal!" The Howsting revolver is still considered to be the best handgun produced, and responsible for a good portion of Amari'z being settled.

People soon wanted more powerful weapons and a man named James Pepper came up with the repeating rifle and also designed the first shotguns. Both had their merits, if a wild bunch of outlaws came to town one blast from the powerful shot was normally enough to quiet down the rowdy group. The rifle was considered the finest hunting tool around, no matter if your game was animals or men.

Soon people found better ways of using their guns and the Gunslinger school was born.


Level 1 - Initiate

Simple Aim (attack, strike) - By lining up a shot you are capable of adding a bit of extra damage to your shots, making them hit with more impact.
Tagline: "Vital Strike X". (see the Vital Strike description for progression at higher levels).

Reflexes (defense, self) - As long as you see it coming, you can jump out of the way of even a bullet.
Tagline: "Evade"


Level 2 - Apprentice

Called Shot - Fumble (attack, strike) - Your eye is so keen you may shoot the weapon in an opponent's hand, numbing their arm and preventing them from using it for 3 seconds. This attack does not have to hit the weapon, and is assumed to do so, thus does not cause any damage to the opponent. This may also be used as a called shot for trick shooting in the presence of a marshall.
Tagline: "Fumble" or "Called Shot (Description)"

Preemptive Shot (defense, self) - Your reflexes have gotten so fast, you can actually draw, fire, and reholster your weapon in a blur, shooting the weapon in someone's hand before they're able to shoot or strike you with it. You need not have your weapon in your hand to call this.
Tagline: "Triggered Fumble"


Level 3 - Devotee

Powder Shot (attack, strike) - This shot is loaded with additional powder, causing a bright and loud shot that Blinds and Deafens your target for 1 minute.
Tagline: "Flashbang"

Dive for Cover (defense, self) - You are adept at getting out of harm's way. Further, if there is a reasonable size object within 5 paces, you may take concealment behind that item, until you fire or move from that location. The item you hide behind must be at least half your size. Once Concealed, you may move around the object, but unlike a normal Conceal you cannot move away from it.
Tagline: "Dodge, Conceal"


Level 4 - Master

Dance! (attack, strike) - With devastating aim, you can shoot to maim your opponent. This attack does a direct wound to a leg, bypassing armor, skins, or Toughness. The target may Dodge or use their own Luck to avoid the attack.
Tagline: "Hamstring"

Down the Barrel (defense, strike) - You can target so precisely, you can hit the weak spot on a weapon, or send your shot down your opponent's barrel. While this Breaks most weapons, against another firearm, this causes a Blast to the wielder as the weapon Shatters and explodes.
Tagline: "Weapon Break" or "Weapon Shatter/Blast"


Level 5 - Grand Master

Wing 'Em (attack, strike) - Rather than outright killing your opponent, you are skilled enough to show mercy and just barely clip them in a way that will knock them unconcious. Your shot is so precise, that even an opponent in motion will still be safely felled.
Tagline: "Truestrike Coma"

Bullet Time (defense, self) - Your body moves unnaturally fast, bending and swaying out of teh way of incoming bullets. For 5 minutes you are Immune to all ranged attacks. During this time you are able to move, and can fire back at your opponents.
Tagline: "Bullet Time"