Native Culture: Amari'z
Preferred Weapon: ranged or short weapons (guns, billy clubs)
Preferred Material: n/a (standard firearms or weapons - wood & steel construction only)

Note: You must be visibly wearing your badge of office to use this school


The last bastion of law and order, the Lawman takes his job seriously to apprehend his target alive when possible.


The Lawman school takes its name from its practitioners: the dutifully appointed servents of the law. This school is closely guarded amongst the public, but is taught to any officers of the law to aid in recovering criminals so that they can stand trial and find justice.


Level 1 - Initiate

Freeze (attack, strike or shot) - By applying the new-fangled lightning gun, or simply striking a nerve cluster, you disable a fleeing suspect.
Tagline: "Stun"

Stay Low (defense, self) - As long as you see it coming, you can jump out of the way of even a bullet.
Tagline: "Evade"


Level 2 - Apprentice

Serve (attack, strike) - Ropes, cuffs, chains...there are many ways to keep your suspect from fleeing. Once you manage to lay hands on them you can immobilize them and serve justice.
Tagline: "Ensnare"

Protect (defense, self) - Your duty is not only to apprehend your suspect, but also protect the innocent. Thus you can interpose yourself between them and harm's way.
Tagline: "Deflect"


Level 3 - Devotee

Subdue (attack, strike) - Sometimes you just have to knock a suspect out, and a solid rap to the head will doo the job. Because of this delivery, the ability to hear the attack coming will not protect from the blow, so those with Enhanced Hearing are not Immune.
Tagline: "Greater Knockout"

Dodge (defense, self) - You are adept at getting out of harm's way.
Tagline: "Dodge"


Level 4 - Master

Hogtie (attack, strike) - Some perps can't be simply cuffed and trusted to fall in line. Sometimes you have to complete the job. Old fashioned leg irons are better than chasing someone down any day.
Tagline: "Entangle"

Bide Time (defense, strike) - Sometimes you get outnumbered, and it's best to cut your losses and hope they think they got you. You appear as dead to all but the most thorough examinations (grandmaster surgeon or aura sight/medium).
Tagline: "Feign Death"


Level 5 - Grand Master

Justice for All (attack, strike or shot) - Some criminals are too dangerous to apprehend. For the safety of the public, sometimes you just have to take them down. This is a Lawman's last resort, as using it unjustly can lead to serious consequences for the user. This shot rips the spirit from the body and sends it directly to the White Lady for judgement.
Tagline: "Soulmarked True Deathstrike"

Servant of the Peace (defense, self) - Hitting a Lawman is a crime. Those that do so find themselves held in place by an invisible force, unable to move or speak to call for help, and can only answer questions (if they choose) when asked by the Lawman they hit.
Tagline: "Triggered Prison"