Noble Bulwark

Native Culture: Barren Lands
Preferred Weapon: Any one handed melee weapon and shield, may NOT use bucklers

Preferred Material: Steel/Hardened Gold/Hardened Silver/Copper

Note: This school was previously a Hidden School, and thus is not available at Character Creation and must be taught in game. This school also requires the prerequisite of purchasing the Advantage: Aura Sight. This can be purchased at Initiation if the character did not start with it.

This school has its own names for ranks within the school.


Little is known of these knights in shining armor.




Level 1 - Squire

Attack (attack, contact, strike) - adds damage to a normal strike (adds to base damage of weapon)
Tagline: "Vital Strike X". (see the Vital Strike description for progression at higher levels).

Defend (defense, non-contact) - Prevents one attack that lands on the user, both melee or ranged.
Tagline: "Parry" or "Missile Parry"


Level 2 - Knight

Shield Bash (attack, strike) - You smash your foe to the ground Note: For safety purposes, do not actually use a shield for this attack, but strike with your weapon.
Tagline: "Falldown"

Righteousness (defense, Area of Effect) - Evil can not stand to stay in your presence. Any creature with Corruption within 5 feet of you is made to move 10 feet directly away.
Tagline: "Area of Effect, 5 foot, Pushback Corrupted"


Level 3 - Crusader

Beacon of Light (attack, contact, strike) - The light of your glory shines forth, blinding your foes with your radiance.
Tagline: "Blindness Strike X". (see the Vital Strike description for progression at higher levels).

Shining Defense (defense, non-contact) - You surround yourself with a light so strong it is solid to the touch. For 5 minutes you are unable to be damaged in any way, however, you also cannot fight yourself. This protective bubble lasts the full 5 minutes, and cannot be dropped at will. The symbol for this is to hold your weapon in front of you by the blade/haft/not the handle.
Tagline: "Combat Immunity"


Level 4 - Templar

Purge Corruption (attack, strike) - Your strike does no direct damage, but burns the corruption out of your target. The target takes one wound for each point burned out, which is soaked on Toughness. Temporary Corruption is removed. Permanent Corruption returns at reset.
Tagline: "Purge Corruption"

Lay on Hands (defense, strike) - You lay your hands on your target, suffusing them with your light and instantly healing their wounds and resetting their Toughness.
Tagline: "All Heal"


Level 5 - Paladin

Smite Evil (attack, strike) - You strike with righteous fury against the forces of evil. To a being with corruption, this strike will kill them instantly. If they do not have corruption, it merely drops them into a Coma. If your target is a Pure Soul, they take no effect whatsoever.
Tagline: "Smite Truestrike Death"

Armor of Light (defense, strike) - You may Reduce any attack, including Mortal Blows and Deathstrikes, to one point of damage, which can be absorbed on your armor or Toughness as normal.
Tagline: "Reduce"