Phoenix Style

Native Culture: Sheng Tai
Preferred Weapon: Polearm and Kite-shaped buckler OR Spear and Kite-shaped shield OR just Polearm, Glaive or Spear

Preferred Material: Citrine/Copper

Note: If you train this Martial School, you CAN NOT learn the Dragon Style School. This school also requires the prerequisite of purchasing the Advantage: Pain Resistance. This can be purchased at Initiation if the character did not start with it.


Defensive school used by most Imperial guards.




Level 1 - Initiate

Resplendent Plumage ("attack") -  A 3 point Skin
Tagline: "Resplendent Plumage 3"

First Duty (defense, non-contact) - Deflect a blow by knocking away someone's attack, making it miss its mark. Deflect allows you to call the Tagline: Deflect, on a non-magical attack made on yourself or someone within five feet of you, negating the attack.
Tagline: "Deflect"


Level 2 - Apprentice

Dazzling Attack (attack, contact, strike) - With the light shining through your weapon, you can blind your opponent.
Tagline: “Blindness Strike X” (see the Vital Strike description for progression at higher levels).

Second Duty (defense, non-contact) - The life of a guard always comes second.  With this knowledge you may give of yourself to protect those near you. By angling your shield, you may deflect any packet delivered magical attack on you or someone within five feet of you.
Tagline: “Deflect Magic”


Level 3 - Devotee

Luminous Plumage ("attack") - A 6 point Skin
Tagline: “Luminous Plumage 6”

Third Duty (defense, non-contact) - The hearty nature of your duty, has made you more adept at shrugging off the most of fearsome of attacks. Any attack that would cause a wound, either by lack of skin, or mortal blow, may be Ignored until combat is over, at which time you will take the full effect.
Tagline: “Ignore Wound”


Level 4 - Master

Terrifying Visage (attack, point and click) - Your radiant appearance strikes fear in the heart of most enemies.
Tagline: “Greater Fear”

Armored Skin (defense, self) - You have spent so long in armor, your body can take on its properties. This effect lasts until something powerful pierces your skin. You ignore strikes of two points damage or less.
Tagline: "Threshold 2"


Level 5 - Grand Master

Glorious Plumage ("attack") - A 9 point Skin
Tagline: “Glorious Plumage 9”

Implacable Defender (defense, self) - Your dedication to duty is unmatched. You are able to Ignore even those blows that should slay you in a single strike. After the combat is over and your charge is safe, only then will you allow yourself to die.
Tagline: “Ignore Death”