Native Culture: Luciella
Preferred Weapon: Short or Long Sword, Short Axe, or Dagger and single-shot Firearm, Hand Crossbow, or Thrown Weapons, Rope or Bullwhip
Note: You must have a length of rope or bullwhip visible on your person to use any rope/whip-related skills. The rope or whip should NEVER actually be swung or used in a combat situation. The ability descriptions are simply in-play "what you see" descriptions of the tag lines.
Preferred Material: Sapphire & Aquamarine (dark blue and/or greenish blue duct tape)


While they can be daring sailors, clever privateers, or even filthy pirates, the main thing Swashbucklers have in common is a sense of panache and a love of adventure! Though they can be found ashore, one can almost sense the palpabale longing for the sea in their eyes.


There have been Swashbucklers for almost as long as the sea is old. In the olden days of yore, captains would clash with other captains, sailor versus sailor, until over time the survivors took note of what was of most effective. This eventually became a style of combat, which is now passed from one jacktar to the next.


Level 1 - Initiate

Slash (attack, contact, strike) - adds damage to a normal strike (adds to base damage of weapon)
Tagline: "Vital Strike X". (see the Vital Strike description for progression at higher levels).

Chalked Hands (defense, self) - having been exposed for so long to wet (or bloody) tools, you keep your hands dry and powdered to prevent slipping and dropping your gear. Thus when an opponent attempts to Fumble your weapon, you are able to immediately Recover and continue fighting.
Tagline: "Recover"


Level 2 - Apprentice

Tar Pot (attack, packet or shot) - you fight to win, not to play fair. A tar pot causes your opponent to be unable to run as their feet stick to the deck. This effect ends if the tar is set on fire, which causes one wound to each leg.
Tagline: "Tar Pot"

Duck! (defense, self) - when your opponent pulls their flintlock, you know to anticipate the shot and not be there when it arrives.
Tagline: "Evade"


Level 3 - Devotee

Flashbang (attack, packet or shot) - you always keep a little extra powder around for emergencies. You can either overload your gun, or simply throw a burning vial of it, but this attack produces the same Blind and Deafen effects as the Alchemy of the same name.
Tagline: "Flashbang"

With a Flourish (defense, self) - you are adept at bobbing, weaving, and spinning to where you look almost like a dancer as you frustrate your opponent's attacks.
Tagline: "Dodge"


Level 4 - Master

Knotwork (attack, strike) - you are able to throw a rope or whip your opponent, quickly tying them up so they can't move.
Tagline: "Natural Entangle"

Stagger (defense, self) - due to your time on the sea, or perhaps the rum, you're able to walk through combat unharmed. For 10 seconds you may call "Step Through" and walk to a new location without being struck.
Tagline: "Step Through"


Level 5 - Grand Master

Strangle (attack, strike) - you are able to lash your opponent around the neck with your whip, cutting off their air supply. They immediately begin to choke, unable to flee or take any action but claw at their throat for as long as you stay near them. After one minute of choking, if you do not release them, they expire.
Tagline: "Suffocate"

Sparrow's Flight (defense, self) - you use your rope or whip to swing away in your own particular idiom.
Tagline: "Fair Escape"