Way of the Archer

Native Culture: unknown
Preferred Weapon: Bow, Crossbow, Hand Crossbow
Preferred Material: Wood & Steel (brown and/or grey duct tape - arrowheads only)


Only a bowman with exceptional aim, a sharp eye, steady hands, and nerves of steel are taken into this secretive school. These archers never seem to miss and it is said that the masters of this school can shoot through a chink in armor to find their opponent's heart. Further, as masters of their craft, a group of these archers is even more deadly as they can direct others to fire along with them in perfect harmony.


From all the lands, from all the races are the best archers chosen. This is the only school where you must be chosen by a Devotee of the school. Once chosen the archer is taught the finest control of their weapon and their already impressive skills are sharpened to a killing edge. It is of no small coincidence that the Assassins' Guild always tries to hire even initiates of this school.

Group Skills

This Martial School teaches the practitioner group attacks. The archer may choose up to their level in ranged combatants (not neccessarily other archers), to work in unison with. These group members must have a marking (armband, sash, etc.) to show they are in the archer's company, though the members can be changed when out of combat at any time. This group should stay together (within 10 feet of the main archer) to use the benefits of this tactical group. When the archer calls a Group attack or defensive strike (which should be called before firing), on the next shot if even one of the group hits the target it is assumed that the entire group hits the target, which would need to expend multiple defenses to avoid taking the effect. When the archer calls a Group defense, all of their group must follow suit immediately and cease shooting.


Level 1 - Initiate

Blunt Strike (attack, strike) - you can fire an arrow with a round ivory tip, knocking your target unconcious. Because of this delivery method, the ability to hear the attack coming will not protect from the blow, so those with Enhanced Hearing are not Immune.
Tagline: "Greater Knock Out"

Lighting Hands  (defense, non-contact, self) - your reflexes are so quick that you can literally catch arrows/thrown weapons/etc in mid air without taking any damage, and can jump away from bullets or spells.
Tagline: "Evade"

Level 2 - Apprentice

Pin Leg  (attack, strike) - you fire an arrow through your target's feet, pinning them to the ground. This attack does a wound to the designated leg, and keeps the target from moving as long as the archer stays in line of sight of their target.
Tagline: "Pin Left/Right Leg"

Arrow's Spin (defense, non-contact, self) - allows you to Dodge an incoming attack
Tagline: "Dodge"

Level 3 - Devotee

Dead Eye (attack, strike) - you aim so precisely your arrow pierces armor and shields. While this ignores armor, and allows you to wound an arm holding a shield, the arrow can be dodged or taken on skins/protectives as normal.
Tagline: "Armor Pierce" or "Shield Pierce"

Rain of Arrows (defense, group) - you concentrate fire on a target with a volley of shots, making it impossible for them to advance normally. Because of the minor wounds suffered from this attack, the effect lasts for 10 minutes, well after the volley is over.
Tagline: "Group Slow"


Level 4 - Master

True Aim  (attack, strike) - you do not miss. You may concentrate on your target, leading them correctly so they cannot avoid your attacks. Further, his may also be used as a called shot for trick shooting in the presence of a marshall.
Tagline: "Truestrike X"

Ambush (defense, group) - you are able to take your chosen company into a place of concealment, and stealthily move them into position as needed. Works as a Greater Conceal as long as your group maintains cohesion with you.
Tagline: "Group Greater Conceal"


Level 5 - Grand Master

Darken the Skies (attack, group) - you unleash a hail of arrows, peppering your target with death from above.
Tagline: "Group Deathstrike"

Guerilla Warfare (defense, group) - your group is able to strike from concealment, instantly reconcealing after so that your target cannot find where the attack came from. Your group can first a single volley of any kind, then immediately return to concealment even if they are in a situation that would normally prevent concealing. Your group must still maintain cohesion at all times.
Tagline: "Group Reconceal"