Way of the Spirit

Native Culture: Ejheria
Preferred Weapon: Twin Sai's (daggers), Scimitar (long sword), Sickle (short axe), or Scythe (polearm)
Preferred Material: Amethyst & Hardened Gold


Motionless and mesmerizing, these peerless warriors fight with mind, body, and spirit, combining all into the speed of a striking adder. Attacks seem to cut through armor as though it isn't there; unstoppable, deadly maneuvers are turned on those who strike at them; wounded enemies suddenly halt in place. All these skills, and more, are the purview of the Spirit Warrior.




Level 1 - Initiate

Serpent's Fangs (attack, contact, strike) - adds damage to a normal strike (adds to base damage of weapon)
Tagline: "Vital Strike X". (see the Vital Strike description for progression at higher levels).

Flowing Parry (defense, self) - when your opponent swings, you deftly catch and redirect their blade harmlessly.
Tagline: "Parry"


Level 2 - Apprentice

Eyes of the Serpent  (attack, point and click, mind effect) - you twist your blade, reflecting light into your opponent's eyes. Mesmerize effect until the user stops twisting their blade, takes another action, or the target is struck.
Tagline: "Natural Mesmerize"

Salau's Cunning (defense, self) - when your opponent attacks you, you lightly redirect their weapon aside and then rap them on the back of the hand with the flat of your blade. This causes them to Fumble their weapon for 3 seconds.
Tagline: "Parry, Fumble"


Level 3 - Devotee

A'nekh's Curse (attack, strike) - calling on the power of the mummies, you are able to inflict your target with a disease.
Tagline: "Disease Strike X"

Cat's Grace (defense, non-contact, sidestep) - allows you to dodge one incoming attack of any kind
Tagline: "Dodge"


Level 4 - Master

Adder's Strike (attack, strike) - you attack through your opponent, striking their spirit instead of their body, causing Paralysis.
Tagline: "Paralyze"

Nekhtew’s Protection (defense, self) - you phase for a second into the spirit world, causing your opponent's weapon to pass through your body as if you were a ghost, may call "Pass Through - No Effect" to any one strike.
Tagline: "Pass Through - No Effect"


Level 5 - Grand Master

Soul Rend (attack, strike) -  you strike deep into your opponent, literally knocking their spirit out of their body. The target of this strike falls dead, and only Mediums can see the confused spirit of the former warrior.
Tagline: "Soul Rend"

White Lady's Grace (defense, self) - when struck your body passes immediately into the spirit world for safety.
Tagline: "Triggered Spirit Form"