Wing and Talon

Native Culture: Sheng Tai
Preferred Weapon: Talons (unarmed) and Wings (War fan on person for non winged races)
Preferred Material: Ivory & Steel

Note: Note: You must have a war fan (Tessen) or wings visible on your person to use any Tessen/Wing-related skills. The fan/wings should NEVER actually be swung or used in a combat situation. The ability descriptions are simply in-play "what you see" descriptions of the tag lines.
This school was previously a Hidden School, and thus is not available at Character Creation and must be taught in game. This school also requires the prerequisite of purchasing at least one level of the Advantage: Toughness. This can be purchased at Initiation if the character did not start with it.






Level 1 - Initiate

Talon Swipe (attack, contact, strike) - adds damage to a normal strike (adds to base damage of weapon)
Tagline: "Vital Strike X". (see the Vital Strike description for progression at higher levels).

Twist the Fan (defense, non-contact) - You catch your opponents weapon between the blades of your Tessen or between your pinions and twist, re-directing their attack at a nearby opponent or the ground.
Tagline: "Redirect X" or "Redirect Ground"


Level 2 - Apprentice

Predator Screech (attack, point and click, mental) - You let out a primal scream of fury causing your target to cower or flee from you for 10 seconds.
Tagline: "Natural Fear"

Feather Flash (defense, non-contact) - Like Tengu your feathers have become imbued with rudimentary magic allowing you to twist and harmlessly deflect spells within a five foot radius allowing them to glance off your plumage.
Tagline: "Deflect Magic"


Level 3 - Devotee

Forehead Tap (attack, contact, strike) - With precise movement you hit your opponent's pressure points stunning them for 1 minute.
Tagline: "Natural Stun"

Flicker (defense, non-contact) - Your speed has reached such a level that you are rarely where you appear to be easily dodging any attack.
Tagline: "Dodge"


Level 4 - Master

Wings Edge (attack, contact, strike) - Utilizing speed and precision you are able to turn the edge of your pinions into a deadly weapons, slicing your opponent in twain.
Tagline: "Torso Cleave"

Mimic (defense, non-contact) - You’ve become so adept at fast paced combat that you are able to side step an attack memorizing your opponent's strike at a glance and temporarily mimicking it to turn it back upon them.
Tagline: "Mirror Counterstrike"


Level 5 - Grand Master

Rend Armor (attack, contact, strike) - Your claws quickly tear apart a suit of armor, Breaching it at each level and Shattering it.
Tagline: "Rend Armor"

Spite The All Seeing Eye (defense, non-contact) - You are the shadow on the wall, the wind through the leaves, you are everything and nothing and not even the gods themselves are safe from your tricks. When your enemies think they have you dead to rights you slip from their grasp, unseeable, unknowable. Where once you were, now only your laughter remains. You remain invisible so long as you take no offensive action. You may speak, but doing so may give away your location if you’re not careful to keep moving.
Tagline: "Arcane Invisibility"