Native Culture: Vikaa'ra
Preferred Weapon: Bastard Sword, Great or Giant Weapons
Preferred Material: Garnet & Steel


Zweihanders enjoy combat and enjoy life. They live large and are often considered by most to be a bit... off. Still, few are willing to be on the recieving end of their massive weapons.


While not much is known outside Vikaa'ra of the history of these warriors, it is known that they are the reason the Pyralian Warriors tend to wear two layers of armor on the shoulders and less below due to their massive weapons' downward strikes.


Level 1 - Initiate

Smash (attack, contact, strike) - adds damage to a normal strike (adds to base damage of weapon)
Tagline: "Vital Strike X". (see the Vital Strike description for progression at higher levels).

Defeat Attack (defense, self) - because of the size of your weapon, you can parry an attack by barely getting it in the way.
Tagline: "Parry"


Level 2 - Apprentice

Slap (attack, strike) - by swinging the flat edge of your weapon, you are able to knock an opponent away from you. They must immediately go 10 feet away from you before they can take another action or approach again.
Tagline: "Pushback"

Steel Wall (defense, self) - when you Parry, it's like striking a wall. The opponent loses their grip on their weapon, causing them to Falter for 10 seconds.
Tagline: "Parry - Falter"


Level 3 - Devotee

Crushing Force (attack, strke) - due to the sheer mass behind your attack, you can cut through armor or shields like they were butter. While this ignores armor, and allows you to wound an arm holding a shield, the attack can be dodged or taken on skins/protectives as normal.
Tagline: "Armor Pierce" or "Shield Pierce"

Stop Approach (defense, strike) - by thrusting your weapon forward, you are able to Stun your target. Stun effects last for one minute.
Tagline: "Stun"


Level 4 - Master

Steel Maelstrom (attack, Area of Effect) - by spinning your massive weapon around you, you are able to knock back any person within 5 feet of you. They are knocked 10 feet away in a direction directly away from you.
Tagline: "Area of Effect, 5 foot, Pushback"

The Mountain Endures  (defense, non-contact, skin) - 5 point skin
Tagline: "Rock Skin 5"


Level 5 - Grand Master

Batter (attack, strike) - your strike is so powerful it destroys armor. Armor is reduced to 0 points, and Breached by 1 level. This only affects physical armor, not skins or protectives.
Tagline: "Breach Armor"

Destructive Force (defense, self) - you parry so strongly you destroy your opponent's weapons beyond simple repair.
Tagline: "Parry - Shatter Weapon"