Nickname: the Firebloods
Ancestral Affinity: Fire
Ancestral Land: Ejheria
Average Lifespan: 100-150 years

Make Up Requirements:


Racial Advantages:

Gains the Enhanced Sense of Taste advantage for free.

Racial Disadvantages:

All Humans have a Compulsion for pleasure in excess. They live life to the fullest. If something sounds pleasant, tastes good, or looks like fun, they are likely to try it at all costs.


Enforcer (Law Men) - Reduced cost buy-in for membership in the Patricians’ Guild.
Hopekeeper - Reduced cost buy-in for membership in the Artisans’ Guild.
Innovator - Reduced cost buy-in for membership in the Tinkers’ Guild.
Perceiver - May purchase the Aura Sight advantage at half cost.


The legends of Ejheria say that Humans and Miu are two halves of the same coin, born of the ashes of the Gods, and pressed into the Eternity which is light and shadow. While both can exist without the other, it is difficult to find either in its purest form. Likewise, in Ejheria, you rarely find Humans or Miu existing separately. Both are held equally sacred by the Ejherian people as a whole, and both have equal right to rule the Kingdom. It is said that the Lightbringers tend the Beacons of Hope and Justice. Thus is their place within Ejheria. Traditionally, only Humans may act as the Keepers of the Beacons, great lighthouses that dot the coastline. While all races can be found everywhere in the world, Humans are, perhaps, the most adventurous when it comes to moving on to new places and new experiences. Humans tend to live life to the utmost in all of their endeavors, and their incessant love of food, drink, and entertainment are equaled by no other race. When their way of life is questioned or threatened, Humans fight perhaps the fiercest to defend those freedoms.