Nickname: the Machines
Ancestral Affinity: Dream
Ancestral Land: None
Average Lifespan: Unknown

Make Up Requirements:

Must have silver or metallic highlights on skin, or markings to indicate rivets, screws, etc. Makeup should indicate what sort of parts they are built out of. Please note, makeup may be done with anything from aqua cake to grease paint to air brushing to hypoallergenic eyeshadow, so please do not feel obligated to use any particular method of application or type of product.

Racial Advantages:

Starts game with 2 mana instead of 1. They also may purchase the Intuition advantage at half cost.

Racial Disadvantages:

While Tickers may have some organic parts, they are mostly inorganic. Because of this they are healed by being repaired by Engineers, rather than being sewn back together by Surgeons. Further, while Tickers are practically mana batteries, they find it harder to draw mana into themselves without assistance, and have the Disadvantage: Hindered Mana to represent the extra time it takes to Meditate and regain mana.


Technoscientist – Reduced cost buy-in for membership in either the Homecrafter’s Guild or the Warcrafter’s Guild.

Arcanostylist - Reduced cost buy-in for first Martial School.

Biomechanic - Reduced cost buy-in for membership in either the Physician’s Guild or the Tinker’s Guild.

Socioarchitect - Reduced cost buy-in for membership in either the Artisan’s Guild or the Patrician’s Guild.



Tickers are a new race in Othonia. While the first generation were said to have a complete Hive Mind, modern Tickers can only occasionally tap into the brain trust, gaining flashes of Intuition on whatever subject they’re looking into. While it would seem that Tickers would be utterly immune to poisons and other biological concoctions, most contain some pieces of organic material, usually of plant material from the junk piles they originated from.