Chapter 1: What is Role Playing?

With every game that has come out, this simple question has been asked. The answer seems simple, and, in truth, it is. We have been role-playing for as long as we have walked upright. Role-playing is simply telling a story, hopefully a good story. The main difference is that instead of simply telling the story, we, as players, take part in making the story. Thinking back to your childhood. It would be simple to remember playing Cops & Robbers or Cowboys & Indians, or any number of other similar identity-based games. No rules, just reaching out into your own imagination and bringing the stories found there to life. First, we did this as children, with no rules, just acting out what we thought made sense at the time. Jump forward just a few years, and you will see that people realized that some of these games needed to have rules. Thus was born the role-playing game system.

While it was a good way of telling a story, most often you found yourself with some friends, sitting around, describing your actions, and rolling dice to find out what your own special character was able to do with his or her skills... but something was still missing. You may have found yourself searching for that which was lacking. Perhaps it was that you were once able to say you were the Cops or Robbers. After all, it is one thing to sit around and imagine yourself in a role, and another entirely to take on that role and act out the situation theatrically in full costume.

That day has come with the start of Live Action Role-Playing games. Like table top games, there are LARPs for everyone if you know where to look. Some LARPs are Salon style, focusing on heavy role-play and simplistic combat solutions, while others are Boffer, which allow for real time full contact combat in addition to the role-playing aspect. It is in these games that you pack up your garb, your foam weapons, and all of your other props and head out to join large groups of friends to dive so totally into a world that you can allow yourself to forget the real world for an entire weekend.

That is just what Dark Passages strives to give you - a game that lets you fall into a new and exciting world. We strive to present a world where sword fights and daring rescues are common place, and action is always just around the bend. So keep reading, and maybe you will find something you have been wanting to become hidden within the pages of this rule book. Every character needs inspiration, and every player needs a break from real life. Join us, and be the hero, save the day, defeat the bad guys, and escape from reality for a short while!